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iHeartMedia Publishes the State of Podcasting 2023

This report from iHeartMedia looks into determining where the audiences for podcasts are coming from. The company says of the State of Podcasting study: “Aside from reach, time spent listening to podcasts is up 2x in the past five years with the number of Black and Hispanic listeners jumping 30% in the past two years. Weim wanted to see where the listenership was coming from and based on the research it looks like Americans are making more time for podcasts mostly by reducing time spent with streaming video, streaming music and social media. Video podcasts have been a big discussion lately in the industry – whether its needed and cost effective, which is interesting because this new data sample showed that podcasts are pulling listener share primarily from YouTube’s audience – a reasonable motivation for their heightened focus on video podcasting to drive retention.” Interestingly, the study also concluded that the majority of radio listening happens out-of-home (68%), while the majority of podcast listening happens in the home (69%).