Moms and Media 2022

Webinar notes by
consultant Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — JUST in time to remind the otherwise-forgetful that Her special day is just yonder, “The Research Moms” at Edison Research update their annual report. You can download it – or watch a video of Thursday’s narrated presentation – at
This survey defines “Mom” as having a child 18 or younger at home. Her average age 41. And her media habits are changed since – and because of – the pandemic.

My one-sentence version: To reach Mom, use smartphones, Alexa, Facebook, and TikTok.

My notes:

“Two years into COVID, 2022 shows a path back to normal.”

  • More moms are working outside the home than a year ago.
  • 2021: 58% worked outside, 30% at home.
  • 2022: 77% outside, 20% inside.
  • Both locations equally: 12% 2021, 3% now.
  • Accordingly, daily Internet time (4 hours) “sees a slight downshift,” 16 minutes less than 2021.
  • And radio listening sees “a little rebound.”

“Some habits created are now norms.”

    • 98% own a smartphone (61% ten years ago).
    • 86% use it to access the Internet.
    • 63% own wireless earbuds or earphones.
    • 66% own a tablet.
    • 62% have a AM/FM radio in-home (88% in 2012).
    • 50% have a smart speaker, 43% have 3 or more, and 75% are Alexa.
  • Online audio (station streams + Internet-only): flat year-to-year.
  • Mom’s podcast consumption: 65% have listened ever, 48% this month, 32% this week.

Social? Yes, but…

  • 93% are on some social media platform.
  • Facebook still #1 (62%) but has declined as social app “used most.”
  • TikTok is exploding: 8% were there 2 years ago, 26% in 2021, 42% now.
  • Mom has concerns about kids’ social use, which the report details.

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