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WWO: Marketers Underestimate Sales Effect of Creative

This week’s Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group blog post looks at the results of an ongoing study by Advertiser Perceptions that surveys brands and media agencies on the sale contribution of five advertising effectiveness factors: Brand, Creative, Reach, Recency, and Interestingly, marketers and media agencies massively underestimate the immense sales effect power of creative. NCSolutions says that creative drives half of sales, about two-and-a-half times what advertisers perceive. The Advertiser Perceptions February 2024 study reports brands and media agencies say creative only represents 19% of total sales effect. NCSolutions science reveals creative generates an eye-popping 49% of incremental sales. According to System1 chief customer officer Jon Evans, “Creative is the number one factor in explaining the performance of your advertising and yet most marketers still don’t realize it. That means that those who focus on getting the creative right have a huge competitive advantage. Firstly, marketers need to wake up to the importance of creative and secondly realize it isn’t some dark art but something you can measure and improve to give you an advantage over the competition who haven’t realized this yet.” Read the blog post here.