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WWO: Nielsen Shows AM/FM Radio Improves Ad Campaign Reach

This week’s Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group blog looks at a Nielsen analysis of the reach of media plans – specifically those that are rooted heavily in Linear TV with the addition of CTV (connected TV) and digital in the mix. No matter how much CTV and digital spend was added in place of dollars taken from Linear TV, reach did not increase. The blog post says, “Regardless of the size of yourim media budget, adding AM/FM radio to a digital/TV plan sharply builds reach. Via Nielsen Commspoint, the media allocation planning tool, a wide range of monthly digital/TV media plans were examined. Very small, light, medium, and heavy campaigns were examined. The lightest digital/TV campaign reached 10% of the market. The heaviest reached 60%. Then a 20% allocation of AM/FM radio was introduced. The results were stunning. Across the seven monthly campaigns, from the lightest to the heaviest, the addition of AM/FM radio generated significant lifts in reach. Shifting 20% of the lightest TV/digital campaign to AM/FM radio caused reach to double. Introducing the 20% allocation of AM/FM radio to medium-sized campaigns causes reach to soar by 36% to 55%. Even the heaviest TV and digital campaign saw reach grow 20% with the addition of AM/FM radio to the plan.” Read the full blog post here.