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Talk Show Host David Gornoski Enters the “Squared Circle”

Writer, columnist, radio talk show host and podcaster David Gornoski recently made his debut in the professional wrestling industry at the WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk Jr’s iconic conservatory. Gornoski, known to his listeners for his iconoclastic approach to current political, social, and pop cultural issues as well as being a student of media theory, tells TALKERS that the field of professional wrestling resonates withim the “show biz” side of his outgoing personality and large physical stature. Booked in a “Battle Royal” elimination match, “Handsome” David Gornoski snatched victory in the bout. Afterwards, Gornoski proceeded to announce his intentions to be a wrestling manager looking for the right client and serenaded the crowd with a rendition of Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again.” Gornoski started his broadcasting career at iHeartRadio’s WFLA, Orlando and later, WHBO, Tampa before moving to podcasting. While he covers current events and culture, Gornoski has recently interviewed wrestling icons like Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, Mayor of Knox County, TN and fitness guru Diamond Dallas Page. Gornoski says he hopes to bridge the gap between the media world and the world of wrestling in a completely new way. He points to successful radio host and physician Doctor Asa (Asa Andrew, M.D.) whom he met at the TALKERS 2023 conference and is working with TNA Wrestling promotions as both a wrestler and ringside physician on Impact Wrestling as being a significant inspiration in his choice of this new path. Watch a video of Gornoski’s performance here.