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Westwood One: Nielsen Reveals Top DMAs for AM Listening

A recent blog post from Cumulus Media | Westwood One’s Audio Active Group addresses the most recent data released by Nielsen that reports the 141 local markets where AM radio is listened to by at least 20% of the radio audience. This latest data from Nielsen takes a deeper look into “the vitality of AM radio in local markets with new data at the state and local DMA level.”im These DMA analyses are based on all radio stations in the U.S., not just Nielsen subscribers. The top DMA is Glendive, Montana with 72.1% of the population using AM radio. While the most AM radio listening tends to be done in Midwestern DMAs, there is still substantial AM listening done in Eastern markets. For example, Chicago is the #8 DMA for AM listening with 51.2%, but Seattle-Tacoma is not far behind at #14 with 42.8%, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose is #20 with 41.3%, and the top two DMAs by population – New York and Los Angeles – show AM listenership is done by 31.8% of the population. See the whole report here.