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Mike Gallagher to Broadcast from Miami Tomorrow

Salem Radio Network talk host Mike Gallagher is preparing to host his Tuesday program from the studios of Salem Media Group in Miami to coincide with former President Donald Trump’s scheduled appearance in Miami for an indictment hearing. Salem says, “The special broadcast will include reaction to the indictment from newsmakers, live interviews with Trump supportersim gathered outside the Federal courthouse and calls from Mike’s nationwide audience giving their perspective on this unprecedented moment in our nation’s history. In addition to broadcasting his nationally-syndicated talk show from Salem/Miami….Gallagher and “Mike Gallagher Show” staffer Tracee Stockwell will then head to the Federal Courthouse where political supporters of the 45th president are organizing what’s being billed as ‘a peaceful rally in support of President Trump.’” Video of the Gallagher special will also be cleared live on the Salem News Channel.