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Dan Bongino Reverses Course as Cumulus Ends COVID Vaccine Mandate

Westwood One nationally syndicated talk radio host Dan Bongino, who publicly challenged Cumulus Media’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement and said he would leave the company after his contract ends because of it, confided to his listeners now that the company has ended the mandate he would like to continue his host role with the network (5/10). He said at first, he was reluctant about doing a talk show in the same time period asim the late Rush Limbaugh (“no one wants to replace Mickey Mantle”) but agreed to do it anyway. “This thing happened along the way where I really fell in love with the job… I didn’t really want to leave, and I don’t want to go. I didn’t really expect this and it puts me in a really weird spot… somewhere along the way this little marriage between you [the listener] and me… started out rough and rocky and it’s just become nothing but bliss for me and I just really hate to leave it.” Bongino’s addressing the matter came as CHRO and SVP human resources Todd McCarty notified managers about the ending of the mandate via an internal memo. He wrote, “After continued consideration, we’ve made the decision to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Additionally, we are eliminating all prior COVID-19 protocols for employees and visitors/guests to our facilities, with the exception of protocols for those who test positive. These changes are effective immediately and we ask that you communicate these changes to your teams. HR will be adjusting current job descriptions and will eliminate the requirement moving forward.” The complete Bongino on-air statement can be heard here.