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Triton Digital Publishes February Podcast Ranker

Triton Digital releases its Top U.S. Podcasts ranker for February (Jan. 29 – Feb. 25) based on weekly average downloads for shows that opt in. NPR’s “NPR News Now” retains its #1 position, whileim NBCUniversal News Group’s “Dateline NBC” jumps two spots to #2, bumping audiochuck’s “Crime Junkie” to #4. NPR’s “Up First” remains in the #3 position. Other radio-related podcasts of note include Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Dan Bongino Show” rising one spot to #6, Salem Podcast Network’s “The Charlie Kirk Show” slipping two places to #17, and Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Mark Levin Show” falling three spots to #27. See the complete ranker here.

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Podtrac’s February 2024 Podcast Ranker

The New York Times’ “The Daily” remains in the #1 spot on Podtrac’s U.S. Podcast ranker for February (based on unique U.S. monthly audience for participating podcasts) NPR’s “NPR News Now” and “Upim First” are #2 and #3, respectively, with NBC News’ “Dateline NBC” at #4. Other talk radio-related podcasts of note include The Daily Wire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show” rising two spots to #7, iHeartPodcasts’ “Stuff You Should Know” up two places to #9, and Dan Bongino’s “The Dan Bongino Show” up one spot to #11. You can see the complete ranker here.

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Podtrac Releases Top U.S. Podcasts Chart for December

Today (1/5), Podtrac releases its chart of the Top U.S. Podcasts for December 2023 based on Unique U.S. Monthly Audience. Rising three places to the #1 spot is NPR’s “NPR News Now,” followed by Theim New York Times’ “The Daily” at #2 and NPR’s “Up First” at #3. News/talk radio-related podcasts finishing in the top 20 include DailyWire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show,” down one place to #9, Dan Bongino’s “The Dan Bongino Show” steady at #11, and FOX Audio Network’s “The FOX News Hourly Update” up one place to #15. See the full chart here.

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Houston’s KYST-AM to Become Conservative News/Talk in January

Hispanic Broadcasting Inc will flip Spanish talk KYST-AM, Houston to English-language news/talk on January 1. The company says, “An all-new sound is coming to talk radio in Houston! Beginning January 1, 2024, an exciting new lineup of conservative talk radio personalities are coming to KYST 920 AM.”im The lineup includes Westwood One talk hosts Dan Bongino, Chris Plante and Rich Valdes; Starnes Media Group’s Todd Starnes; FOX News Radio’s Guy Benson, Newsmax’s Rob Carson, and longtime Pittsburgh TV and radio personality Wendy Bell. It will also use FOX News Radio for network news. Hispanic Broadcasting president Matthew Velasquez says, “We’re excited to bring Houston listeners a better choice in news/talk radio. The mission of ‘Patriot Talk 920 AM’ is to become the leader in conservative talk radio with programming that reflects our core values of family, faith and freedom.” For more information, contact Steve Lapa at

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Dan Bongino Renews Deal with Westwood One

Cumulus Media’s Westwood One announces that talk host Dan Bongino extends his contract to host both his eponymous syndicated daily radio program and his podcasts, including the unique podcast “The Dan Bongino Show,” on the Cumulus Podcast Network for multiple years. This comes a couple of years after Bongino said he would not renew his contract when it ran out because of his very public protestationim over Cumulus’ mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy. Bongino says, “It’s been a fascinating couple years of ups and downs both personally and in the political space. I love what I do, and I’m ecstatic that we’ve agreed to move forward with the show after changes were made. I want to thank all the shows’ supporters, the stations, and program directors for their continued support. I promise to keep my foot on the gas pedal.” Westwood One president Suzanne Grimes states, “‘The Dan Bongino Show’ is one of the greatest growth stories in network syndication, with Dan delivering programming unlike anyone else. As we head into what will surely be an unpredictable election cycle, we know Dan will be always insightful, sometimes provocative, and never disappointing, which is why our listeners are wildly engaged, and our advertisers have flocked to the show.”

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No Changes in Top Tier of Podtrac’s November Top Podcasts Chart

Podtrac releases its Top Podcasts, Publishers and Sales Networks charts for the month of November and the Top Podcasts chart – based on unique monthly audience – shows no movement among the topim five, with The New York Times’ “The Daily” remaining in first place. NPR’s “Up First” is #2 and NBC News’ “Dateline NBC” is #3. Commercial radio-related podcasts of note in the top 20 include The Daily Wire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show” – down two spots to #8 – and Dan Bongino’s “The Dan Bongino Show” – down two spots to #11. FOX Audio Network’s “FOX News Hourly Update” slipped one place to #16.

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Meeting of the Heavies


Nationally syndicated Westwood One host Dan Bongino (left) paid a visit to his South Florida affiliate WFTL, Fort Lauderdale where he was greeted by the station’s local star and fellow TALKERS Heavy Hundred member Joyce Kaufman (right). Kaufman’s popular daily show follows Bongino’s 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm slot on the big-signaled Hubbard Broadcasting-owned news/talk outlet.

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Triton Digital Releases August Podcast Ranker

Triton Digital’s ranker of the top U.S. podcasts for August (July 31 – Sept. 3) based on weekly average downloads has been released and not much has changed in the top ranks. NPR’s “NPR News Now” remains ranked #1, followed by audiochuck’s “Crime Junkie” at #2, and NBCUniversal New Group’sim “Dateline NBC” at #3. Radio related podcasts in the top 25 of this ranker include: Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Dan Bongino Show” at #7, Cumulus Podcast Network’s “Mark Levin Podcast” rising four spots to #19, and Salem Podcast Network’s “The Charlie Kirk Show” at #22. Just as it did last month, Triton notes that Cumulus experienced data collection issues with the Daily Wire shows (such as “The Ben Shapiro Show” which ranked #3 in the June report) during this period. See the August ranker here.

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KTUC-AM, Tucson Relaunches as “Freedom 1400”

Cumulus Media announces it is flipping KTUC-AM, Tucson to talk as the all-new “Freedom 1400,” Tucson’s Conservative Talk Station. It had been airing an adult standards format. It is now airing syndicated talk radio shows including FOX News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show” and the “FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla,”im Westwood One’s “Dan Bongino Show” and the “Chris Plante Show,” plus Ben Shaprio and FNC’s Guy Benson. KTUC program director Herb Crowe states, “We’re thrilled to unveil ‘Freedom 1400,’ Tucson’s Conservative Talk Station. As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re committed to providing a platform for open dialogues, diverse viewpoints, and robust discussions that matter to our community. With our esteemed lineup of talk show hosts, we’re confident that ‘Freedom 1400’ will become an essential source of information and insight for our listeners.”

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Podtrac Releases June’s Top Podcasts, Podcast Publishers

PODTRAC LogoAccording to Podtrac’s latest stats, the average U.S. “Unique Monthly Audience” for the Top 20 publishers dipped 3% month-to-month, but improved by that same percentage compared to June 2022. “Total Global Downloads” for the Top 20 publishers remained steady month-to-month; however, it declined 3% versus this time last year. The combined audience for the Top Sales Networks was up 5% month-to-month. The top ten podcasts by US Unique Monthly Audience (June 2023) are: “The Daily” (New York Times); “Dateline NBC” (NBC News); “Morbid” (Wondery); “Up First” (NPR); “NPR News Now” (NPR); “SmartLess” (Wonderly); “The Ben Shapiro Show” (Daily Wire); “Stuff You Should Know” (iHeartPodcasts); “Pardon My Take” (Barstool Sports); and “The Dan Bongino Show” (Dan Borgino). With a US “Unique Monthly Audience” of 31,625,000 (and 833 active shows), iHeartPodcasts is the top podcast publisher. It is followed by Wondery; NPR; NBC News; New York Times; Daily Wire; The Walt Disney Company; Barstool Sports; Vox Media; and PRX.

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“NPR News Now” Maintains #1 Spot in Triton Digital Podcast Ranker

Triton Digital releases its May 2023 U.S. Podcast Report that ranks podcasts listened to in America based on weekly average downloads and NPR’s “NPR News Now” is again the #1 podcast on the ranker. At #2 isim audiochuck’s “Crime Junkie,” followed by Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Ben Shapiro Show,” which rises from #4 to #3. Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Dan Bongino Show” was steady at #7, while the company’s “The Matt Walsh Show” climbed two spots to #19. The Salem Podcast Network’s “The Charlie Kirk Show” fell two spots to #21. See the complete ranker here.

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WJR, Detroit Unveils New All Local Lineup

Cumulus Media’s Detroit news/talk 760 WJR announces a series of lineup changes that will take effect on June 20 in which all of the daytime hosts will be live and local. One of the biggest changes is longtime station morning host Paul W. Smith moving to the newly created 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm daypart as host of “Focus.” Smith replaces the Westwood One-syndicated “Dan Bongino Show.” WJR says that Smith’s hosting the “Focus” show “will expand theim community’s access to Michigan’s most influential political, civic, and business newsmakers.”  Moving to mornings is current early afternoon host Guy Gordon, who becomes host of  “JR Morning” from 6:00 am to 9:00 am. “All Talk” with Tom Jordan and Kevin Dietz airs from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Following “Focus” will be the imnewly created “JR Afternoon” show with host Chris Renwick from 2:00pm-4:00pm, followed by “The Mitch Albom Show” from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Additionally, WJR is bringing back “SportsWrap” with host Sean Baligian airing from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Cumulus Detroit VP and market manager Steve Finateri says, “Launching the ‘Focus’ show will give Paul W. Smith the opportunity to expand, on and off the air, his unmatched relationships with Michigan’s most influential newsmakers, for the benefit of our audience and our advertising partners. WJR is ‘The Great Voice of the Great Lakes’ and going 100% local is a big win for all Michiganders who count on WJR to inform and educate us about everything happening here in our state!” WJR program director Mike Wheeler adds, “What a lineup! Each of our talent is a brand unto themselves and have a unique vision and take on the events that shape the news. We are absolutely living up to our claim that WJR is where Michigan comes to talk.”

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Dan Bongino Reverses Course as Cumulus Ends COVID Vaccine Mandate

Westwood One nationally syndicated talk radio host Dan Bongino, who publicly challenged Cumulus Media’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement and said he would leave the company after his contract ends because of it, confided to his listeners now that the company has ended the mandate he would like to continue his host role with the network (5/10). He said at first, he was reluctant about doing a talk show in the same time period asim the late Rush Limbaugh (“no one wants to replace Mickey Mantle”) but agreed to do it anyway. “This thing happened along the way where I really fell in love with the job… I didn’t really want to leave, and I don’t want to go. I didn’t really expect this and it puts me in a really weird spot… somewhere along the way this little marriage between you [the listener] and me… started out rough and rocky and it’s just become nothing but bliss for me and I just really hate to leave it.” Bongino’s addressing the matter came as CHRO and SVP human resources Todd McCarty notified managers about the ending of the mandate via an internal memo. He wrote, “After continued consideration, we’ve made the decision to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Additionally, we are eliminating all prior COVID-19 protocols for employees and visitors/guests to our facilities, with the exception of protocols for those who test positive. These changes are effective immediately and we ask that you communicate these changes to your teams. HR will be adjusting current job descriptions and will eliminate the requirement moving forward.” The complete Bongino on-air statement can be heard here.

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Dan Bongino’s FOX News Show Ends

As reported by the AP, FOX News and talk media personality Dan Bongino have parted ways. Bongino’s relationship with FOX News goes back almost 10 years. The former cop and Secret Service agent has been a commentator on FOX and has hosted the Saturday night show “Unfiltered” since 2021, as well as the “Canceled in the USA” program on FOX Nation. Bongino said on his radio show and podcast that they just couldn’t agree on a new deal. “It’s not some big conspiracy. There’s no acrimony. This wasn’t like some WWE brawl that happened. We just couldn’t come to terms on an extension.” The report indicates Bongino may even make guest appearances on FOX in the future. Read the full story here.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Rhode Island Talk Radio Host John DePetro Arrested During Facebook Live Stream. According to a report from WLNE-TV, Providence, WNRI-AM, Woonsocket talk radio personality John DePetro was arrested on Tuesday (8/16) after producing a Facebook Live stream outside a home in Warwick, Rhode Island that was previously investigated relative to the disappearance of a local woman named Charlotte Lester who’s been missing since May of this year. DePetro was charged with willful trespassing. He tells WLNE-TV, “We can continue to search for answers into the disappearance of Charlotte Lester. We will offer a vigorous courtroom defense and I expect to be fully exonerated at trial where we will call the owner of the home to the stand.” DePetro has a September 1 court date.

Triton Digital Releases Top U.S. Podcasts Chart for July 2022. The most recent monthly chart of the Top 100 Podcasts in the U.S. from Triton Digital is released for the month of July 2022. Triton Digital’s chart is based on Average Weekly Downloads and ranks entities that opt-in for measurement. Sitting at the #1 spot again this month is “The Ben Shapiro Show” from Cumulus Podcast Network/Westwood One. “NPR News Now” is #2 and audiochuck’s “Crime Junkie” is #3. Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Dan Bongino Show” rises to the #7 rank in the July chart. Other shows related to the radio business that went up in rank from June to July include Cumulus Podcast Network’s “Mark Levin Podcast” at #18 and “The Michael Knowles Show,” which rises to #22.

Edison Research’s Top 50 U.S. Podcasts for Q2 2022 Published. This chart of the U.S. Top 50 Podcasts Q2 2022 from Edison Research ranks the 50 biggest podcasts by audience size, based on Edison Podcast Metrics. Edison notes that Edison Podcast Metrics is “the only podcast measurement service that measures the relative audience size and demographics of all podcast networks in the U.S. It is the only measurement based on actual podcast listening, not downloads, and does not require an opt-in from podcast networks.” The top six podcasts did not change from the previous survey: #1 is “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “Crime Junkie” from audiochuck is #2, and “The Daily” from The New York Times is #3. Other radio related shows on the chart include Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Ben Shapiro Show” at #7, Cumulus’ “The Dan Bongino Show” at #16, and “The Ramsey Show” from Ramsey Networks at #29. Edison says its Top 50 Podcasts of Q2 2022 list is derived from data collected continuously Q3 2021 – Q2 2022, from surveying podcast consumers ages 18 and older in the U.S. Participants indicate which podcasts they listened to in the past week along with a variety of demographic, psychographic, and purchase behavior information.

Andrew Williams Named Brand Manager for BetQL Network. Radio producer and programming pro Andrew Williams is named brand manager for Audacy’s BetQL Network. In this Washington, DC-based role, Williams will oversee all producers, talent and audio content for the BetQL Network’s 100 hours of original content per week. Audacy SVP of sports Matthew Volk says, “Andrew possesses a proven track record of creatively reaching audiences through the creation and development of rich multimedia content, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to BetQL Network as that is one of the core principles of the network. We look forward to welcoming him and his leadership to our brand, which has seen rapid growth across all platforms over the last year and watching his experience and expertise help continue to grow the network.” Williams most recently served as senior producer for SiriusXM in Washington D.C.

AdLarge Names Matt Turck Head of Podcast Growth and Strategy. Podcast advertising pro Matt Turck is named head of podcast growth and strategy at AdLarge. In this role, Turck is charged with overseeing revenue development, partnership growth and with contributing to the overall strategy of the podcast portfolio. Turck co-founded Megaphone (acquired by Spotify in December of 2020) and most recently served as the head of Megaphone Publisher Solutions at Spotify. AdLarge co-CEO Cathy Csukas says, “Matt brings an abundance of experience and expertise to the AdLarge team. With the speed at which the marketplace continues to move, it’s wonderful to have him on board to help us continue our expansion as well as provide exceptional service and products to the industry.”

FBI Raid/Documents Investigation, Midterms/2024 Presidential Race, Giuliani Grand Jury Testimony, Inflation, CDC Overhaul, U.S.-Taiwan-China Tensions, Russia-Ukraine War, Opioid Ruling, and Drought Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (8/17). The aftermath of the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago and the documents investigation; Liz Cheney’s primary loss on Tuesday, the November midterms, and the 2024 presidential race; Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani’s appearance before a grand jury in Atlanta related to the 2020 election; inflation’s effect on U.S. household income; the CDC promises an overhaul after admitting shortcomings dealing with COVID and Monkey Pox; the tensions between the U.S. and China over Taiwan; Russia’s losses in Crimea after Ukraine strikes; a judge awards damages against CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart in the opioid crisis; and the ongoing drought were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio yesterday, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Tim Van Horn of KWAM, Memphis is This Week’s Guest on Harrison Podcast. TALKERS founder Michael Harrison describes him as “one of the most likeable radio talk show hosts in America.” Tim Van Horn, host of “Wake-Up Memphis” – heard mornings on heritage station KWAM, Memphis – is this week’s guest on the award-winning PodcastOne series “The Michael Harrison Interview.” Van Horn is familiar to radio and TV audiences in Memphis. For over a quarter century, he’s been a longtime meteorologist at NBC affiliate WMC-TV, a play-by-play commentator of Memphis 901 soccer games on ESPN+ and a radio personality on iHeart’s WREC-AM before joining the Todd Starnes-owned independent news/talker in 2020. Van Horn is a prime example of a local personality and family man whose roots run deep within a community and is considered an upstanding friend and a neighbor to the local population. Harrison and Van Horn take a deep-dive into the world of local radio and the elements that keep in ticking as an iconic medium of American culture. To listen to the podcast in its entirety, please click here.

Mike Hulvey Succeeds Beth Neuhoff as CEO of Neuhoff Communications. The leadership of Neuhoff Communications officially changes as longtime company COO Mike Hulvey is promoted to CEO and Beth Neuhoff steps down. Neuhoff – who assumed leadership of the company after the death of her husband Geoff 10 years ago – says, “Mike has a bold vision for where this company is going. He is an excellent team builder and knows what it takes to make Neuhoff the most important and community-focused local media operation in every market we serve. With his deep understanding of our operations and ability to lead both at our company and industry level, I can’t think of a better person to take the reins of this very special company.” In a letter to employees, Beth Neuhoff says the change is the result of “a thoughtful process dating back a few years. In fact, it likely would have happened sooner, but with the global pandemic and devastating impact it had on our company and industry, plans were delayed. While there is still work to do and business isn’t 100% back to normal, our recovery is well underway. Now is the right time to make the move. Mike has earned it.” Hulvey comments, “It is my distinct honor to assume the reins at Neuhoff Communications. We’ve worked hard to build this award-winning organization. I’m ready to build upon our firmly held values of community, innovation, grit, and excellence as this business evolves and grows into the future.” At the same time, the company announces a governance transition. Beth Neuhoff will be transitioning her role as corporate trustee of the company to Julian Hickman and Makena Neuhoff, grandchildren of the late broadcaster, Roger Neuhoff, over the next few months.  Beth Neuhoff says, “It is exciting to see the next generation of Neuhoff’s take an active role in the company’s future. Their enthusiasm and breadth of experiences in business will be of tremendous benefit.”

Triton Digital Releases Top Podcast Report for June. The June 2022 Top Podcast Report from Triton Digital has been published. The report of the 100 top podcasts is based on weekly average downloads and in June, Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Ben Shapiro Show” jumped up to the #1 spot, edging NPR’s “NPR News Now” out of the lead and into the #2 spot. Steady in the #3 position is audiochuck’s “Crime Junkie.” Other radio-related podcasts of note on the chart include Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Dan Bongino Show” at #8, Salem Podcast Network’s “The Charlie Kirk Show” at #14, and Cumulus Podcast Network’s “The Matt Walsh Show” and “The Mark Levin Show” at #18 and #21 respectively. See the complete chart here.

TALKERS News Notes. On Monday (7/25), KCMO-AM, Kansas City morning drive host Pete Mundo will host a special “Politics and a Pint” discussion with Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Greitens at the Jewel KC Event Space in Downtown Kansas City. This live event is KCMO Talk Radio’s fourth “Politics and a Pint” event featuring U.S. Senate Candidates and will feature Mundo having a candid conversation with Greitens, then opening the floor for a few questions from the audience…..Disruptor Radio, LLC is adding New York Yankees baseball to the programming schedule on WJFP-AM, Chester, Pennsylvania “Liberty Radio,” effective tonight. Disruptor president and CEO John Fredericks says, “We are thrilled to partner with the highest profile brand in baseball, the New York Yankees. We are very proud to be an official radio affiliate of the New York Yankees offering baseball fans in the greater Philadelphia area an opportunity to catch every pitch of every Yankees game.”…..Las Vegas-based, USA Radio Network syndicated talk host Wayne Allyn Root is launching a weekly TV show on the Real America’s Voice television network in which he’ll be talking about the “biggest stories of the week that every conservative, Christian, American patriot and Trump warrior needs to know.”…..Salem Radio Network’s SRN News is presenting a week-long special series on “The Future of NRB.” Beginning Monday (7/25), SRN News will explore the immediate and long-term outlook for the National Religious Broadcasters association. Featured prominently in the week’s reporting will be content from an extensive interview with the NRB’s new president and CEO Troy Miller.

January 6 Hearings, Midterms/2024 Election, The Economy, Heatwave/Global Warming, Abortion/LGBTQ Rights, Russia-Ukraine War, and COVID-19 Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (7/20). The ongoing January 6 hearings; November’s midterm elections, Donald Trump’s influence over the GOP, and speculation about the nominees in 2024; high gas & food prices, financial market activity, and fears of a recession; the record-breaking heat in Europe and the heatwave hitting much of the U.S. plus talk about global warming; the Roe v Wade protests and the House bill that would secure gay marriage rights; Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine; and the fast-spreading BA.5 subvariant pushing COVID-19 numbers up were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio yesterday, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Pines and DiMarco to Lead Good Karma Brands’ Los Angeles and New York Sports Talkers. Two radio executives are being named to market manager roles with Good Karma Brands’ newly acquired sports talk stations in Los Angeles and New York City. The company announces that GKB partner and SVP Sam Pines will serve as market manager for KSPN-AM “ESPN Los Angeles” and former ESPN Audio senior director of sales Vinny DiMarco will hold the same position for WEPN-AM “ESPN New York.” Good Karma Brands founder and CEO Craig Karmazin says, “I couldn’t be more excited to have both Sam and Vinny in their respective roles. Sam has distinguished himself as a leader both inside and outside the company and will bring creativity and take a relationship-focused and marketing savvy approach to ‘ESPN Los Angeles.’ Vinny’s background at ‘ESPN New York’ and his relationships within New York City and throughout both Good Karma and ESPN make him a well-liked and respected leader who will keep teammates, advertising partners and our fans at the forefront of all that we do and achieve.” Pines joined Good Karma Brands in 2000, and since 2006 has led ESPN Cleveland as a market manager and sales manager. DiMarco joins Good Karma Brands from ESPN, where he managed multi-market, multi-platform sales across ESPN radio affiliates, and oversaw emerging categories, including sports betting and cryptocurrency. He started his ESPN career at ESPN New York as general sales manager.


JVC Broadcasting Adds New Programming to ‘Florida Man Radio’ Stations. New talent join JVC Broadcasting’s “Florida Man Radio” network in Orlando (WDYZ-AM/W288CJ/WOTW-HD3) and Fort Walton Beach (WZLB-FM). “Florida Man Radio” adds Orlando radio veteran Lil’ Shawn as co-host and producer of late morning program “The Justin Clark Show.” Westwood One’s “The Dan Bongino Show” is added to the lineup in Orlando and Compass Media Networks’ “Markley, Van Camp, and Robbins” moves from evenings to middays in Fort Walton Beach. Lil’ Shawn served for 20 years with Cox Media Group at CHR WPYO, Orlando. JVC Florida director of programming Stevie Demann says, “As this unique radio station continues to grow exponentially, we will always look for exciting new ways to deliver Florida, America, and the world’s most ‘unfiltered and unafraid’ content. Lil’ Shawn brings a unique and relatable perspective on local and national events to ‘The Justin Clark Show,’ Dan Bongino’s connections and experience in the national political landscape gives our listeners exclusive access and opinions into politics and social conversation, and ‘The MVR Show’ in Fort Walton Beach is such a fun and informative show to listen to!” JVC president and CEO John Caracciolo adds, “The great talent and notoriety of our hosts has given our audiences true personality-driven talk radio. ‘Florida Man Radio’ continues to fulfill its promise of delivering humorous, topical, and compelling discussions on the radio that everyone can enjoy.”


Bonneville Rebrands KIRO-AM as ‘Seattle Sports.’ Sports talk outlet KIRO-AM, Seattle is leaving behind its “710 ESPN Seattle” moniker and is rebranding as “Seattle Sports.” Bonneville International says, “The flagship home of the Mariners and Seahawks will still feature the same great insider content and programming, now with a new name showcasing the commitment to the best in local Seattle Sports.” The station will continue to be the exclusive ESPN affiliate in the Seattle market and home to the Seattle Sports Radio Network. Bonneville Seattle SVP and market manager Cathy Cangiano says, “Our focus and investment has always been live and local. We are more than a radio station. We are ‘Seattle Sports,’ a content creator that distributes the best in Seattle sports across multiple platforms.”


Broadcasters Foundation of America Breakfast Set for April 27. The Broadcasters Foundation of America announces the date and place for its annual Breakfast at the NAB Show in Las Vegas will be April 27 at 7:00 am in the Brahms Room of the Encore Hotel. During the Breakfast, the Broadcasters Foundation will present the Leadership Awards to individuals in recognition of their career contributions to the broadcast industry and the community at large. This year, they will be: Byron Allen, founder, chairman, and CEO of Allen Media Group; Pierre Bouvard, chief insights officer, Cumulus Media; Ralph Oakley, retired, president and CEO, Quincy Media; Christine Travaglini, president, Katz Radio Group; and Dennis Wharton retired EVP, media relations, NAB. At the Breakfast, former NAB president and CEO Gordon Smith will receive the Lowry Mays Excellence in Broadcasting Award.


TALKERS News Notes. Music and talk show personality Zach Sang is launching a new, live streaming program on Amazon’s new Amp service. After his recent exit from Westwood One, Sang has partnered with OBB Media for a new show produced by its audio division OBB Sound in association with FanMade Inc. A press release says Sang is “taking an ambitious next step to create a more social music and talk show designed for Gen-Z.” He’ll also release a premium interview-of-record as a weekly podcast and full video on his YouTube channel.…..Radio syndicator Salem Radio Network becomes a client of Reatro Ventures and will use the company’s ARC software to research, analyze, sign and maintain affiliate deals across their lineup. ARC is a full-service media research platform providing detailed station and personnel information, revenue analysis, a full CRM, as well as Nielsen data for every radio broadcast signal across America…..iHeartMedia chairman and CEO Bob Pittman and president, COO and CFO Rich Bressler will participate in a question-and-answer session during Deutsche Bank’s 30th Annual Media, Internet & Telecom Conference in Palm Beach, Florida on March 15 at 2:50 pm ET. A live webcast of the session will be available to the general public at the start of the session through a link on the Investors homepage of iHeartMedia’s website.

Russia-Ukraine War, Financial Markets/Gas Prices/Inflation, COVID-19/Florida Child Vax Policy, Anti-Lynching Act, Midterms/Trump & the GOP, and Brown Confirmation Process Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (3/7). The ongoing Russian attack on the Ukraine and the rest of the world’s response to it; financial markets roiled by the Ukraine war, the soaring price of gasoline at the pump and the continuing high retail prices for consumer goods; the falling rate of COVID-19 cases in the U.S., the loosening of mask mandates, and Florida’s bucking the CDC to recommend children not get vaccinated; the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act makes lynching a federal hate crime; the battle for control of Congress in the November midterms and Donald Trump’s influence over the GOP; and the Republican strategy for the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio over the weekend, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.




FOX News Media Seeks Freelance Radio Anchor. This New York-based position with FOX News is as a freelance radio anchor to work on air for FOX News Radio Network/FOX News Headlines 24/7 Sirius XM Channel 115. In this role, you will work under tight deadlines and deliver top-notch newscasts. You have a passion for breaking news and the flexibility to work on a day’s notice. See more about this position and apply here.


FOX News Audio Looking for Podcast Producer. This is also a New York-based position with FOX News Audio as a podcast producer to be part of the fast-paced and growing FOX News Podcast Network. This position’s responsibility will be to develop ideas, pitch stories, and work with FOX News Channel talent in crafting daily and weekly podcasts. They will direct bookings, edit shows for broadcast, and work with production teams to create high-quality products every day. In addition to their production duties, they will also lead creative on social media posts and website write-ups to promote the products. See more about this position and apply here.