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Facebook Postings: Rock Radio Legend Mary Turner Has Died

At the time of this publication’s posting of the story, reactions from a number of her radio colleagues on Facebook indicate that just a half-year after the death of her husband, Westwood One and PodcastOne founder Norm Pattiz, legendary radio personality and dedicated substance abuse counselor Mary Turner has died. Turner was one of the top personalities at the iconic album rock powerhouse KMET, Los Angeles, where she served on-air between 1972 and 1982. She later achieved national radio prominence hosting theim Westwood One syndicated series “Off The Record With Mary Turner” in which she presented interviews with and personality profiles of some of the biggest musical stars of the day. Turner and Pattiz were married in the early 80s and the two shared what friends described as a happy relationship until his death this past December at 79 due to throat cancer. Turner had her own health issue battling substance abuse in the early 90s, which she bravely overcame. She became a UCLA-certified drug and alcohol counselor and received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She went on to be appointed chairwoman of the Betty Ford Center at Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage. TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison, who worked with Turner at both KMET and Westwood One says, “Mary Turner was one of the main pillars upon which the great KMET was built.  Nicknamed ‘The Burner,’ she was a pioneer in album rock radio and an iconic role model for women in the industry.  She was solid on the air – providing music fans a panoramic window into the culture.  She related to artists with an authenticity that engendered trust and they really opened up to her.”  As of press time, further details on this story are not available.