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Dr. Murray Sabrin Guests on Harrison Podcast

One of the most prolific talk radio interviewees of the past three decades, Murray Sabrin, Ph.D. is this week’s guest on the award-winning PodcastOne series, “The Michael Harrison Interview.” Sabrin is professor emeritus of finance at Ramapo College of New Jersey.  Sabrin, who made New Jersey political history in 1997 for his groundbreaking third-party gubernatorial candidacy as the Libertarian Party nominee, is widely recognized as one of America’s leading voices on libertarian ideology. Harrison and Sabrin take a deep-dive into the ongoing problems of our times – inflation, health care, endless wars, excessive taxation, illegal immigration, and the alleged erosion of civil liberties under the crushing overreach of big government. Harrison, a First Amendment advocate who maintains a neutral partisan philosophy, says, “Libertarianism is an ideology with which I do not necessarily fully agree in terms of practical application – but one that I support as a guideline to keeping the unwieldy task of running 21st century America within the compass direction and spirit intended by the Founding Fathers.” Harrison wrote the foreword in Sabrin’s latest Amazon paperback best-seller, From Immigrant to Public Intellectual: An American Story (Talkers Books, 2022). The book follows Sabrin’s rise as an immigrant child with humble beginnings to forge a stellar career as an educator, author, history-making third party political candidate and media influencer. To listen to the podcast in its entirety, please click here.

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Radio’s Valuable Asset

TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison says one of the most valuable assets possessed by the radio industry, at this juncture, is the actual word radio itself regardless of which platform carries its content. At this morning’s TALKERS editorial board meeting, Harrison stated, “The rush to abandon the word radio in favor of audio is short-sighted, foolish and a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This trend is indicative of a major blind spot regarding the basics of media theory and the delicate three-way relationship between form, content and institutional branding.”  Harrison continued, “The rush to convert the ‘magical’ business and products of radio to the utilitarian term audio is akin to the motion picture industry theoretically abandoning the words filmmovie or cinema in favor of video… or the journalism industry trading in the word news for information or data… or the automobile industry ditching the word car for vehicle.”  Harrison concludes, “Looking back, maybe the captains of the railroad industry should have stayed in the train business after all and focused on modernizing and improving it as opposed to getting hung up on transportation and winding up with nothing.”

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Driven by Talk Radio, Gunhill Road Song “Idiots” Continues to Resonate on Internet

The sharply satirical song “Idiots” from the forthcoming fifth album by heritage rock band Gunhill Road continues to gather an international following on the internet.  Released in August 2022, the music video of the catchy song passed the 70,000 unique views mark this weekend on YouTube – making it the most-listened-to song in the 53 year old band’s colorful history since its 1973 hit single “Back When My Hair Was Short” (also a provocative social commentary).  TALKERS founder Michael Harrison, who along with Steve Goldrich, Paul Reich and Brian Koonin, is a member of Gunhill Road and co-writer/lead vocalist for “Idiots,” says, “We are so grateful to talk radio for embracing this song and giving it an amazing amount of airplay – either in snippets or the entire piece – that has driven interest in the song, downloads on the internet and views of the video.  Fortunately, the words and theme of ‘Idiots’ ties into talk radio’s topic menu, psyche and environment in a non-partisan, ‘equal opportunity offender’ way. I mean, who can stand the negative impact that widespread idiocy is having on our society, culture and democracy?”  To view the “Idiots” music video, please click here. To arrange having Michael Harrison as a guest, please email