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Newsmax and DirecTV Reach Renewal Deal

Newsmax announces that it has reached a renewal deal with DirecTV for the satellite TV platform to carry its programming. (It will return to DirecTV and DirectTV Stream on channel 349 today, March 22, and on U-verse channel 1220 tomorrow, March 23.) In making the announcement, Newsmax states, “DirecTV was one of the first distributors to provide Newsmax nearly a decade ago, and we want to express our appreciation to DirecTV and its leadership for working with us to find a mutually beneficial business agreement to bring our programming back to its customers. While we raised the issue of censorship relating to our removal, we now believe in DirecTV’s commitment to distributing diverse viewpoints, including conservative ones.  DirecTV has made clear during our negotiations that it has always been focused on protecting its customers from the rising programming costs across the pay TV industry and never intended to limit one perspective or to target conservative voices. We accept their position and believe that our new agreement with DirecTV will allow them to continue to be a go-to-source for one of the most diverse lineups of news programming, now with three conservative news networks including Newsmax.” Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy will be speaking at TALKERS 2023 on Friday, June 2 at Hofstra University.