Monday Memo: Talk Topic Two-fer

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — Barring the unforeseeable, today’s callers are talking about Super Bowl commercials. Next Monday, Presidents Day, is a holiday for some, disrupting habit listening. So here are two timely topics, which lit-up-the-phones when I myself used them guest-hosting “The Jim Bohannon Show” and elsewhere.

“Your Most Monumental Presidents?” 

On Mount Rushmore, there is room for four: “If we were carving it today, who do YOU think deserves to be there? [phone number]”

Click here to download the cheat-sheet, including:

  • The pitch, with quick bios of the four now showing in Rapid City.
  • List of presidents who missed-out, because they served either during the 14 years the monument was being sculpted, or since.

 “If YOU were president, for ONE DAY…?” 

History purists will scoff at this technicality, but it actually happened, in 1849.

Who were the 11th, 12th, and 13th Presidents of the USA? Many Americans — even history buffs — would answer wrong! At least Constitutionally…

  • #11 was James K. Polk
  • #12 was David Rice Atchison
  • #13 was Zachary Taylor.

David WHO??? Click here for the story.

Then ask “If YOU were president, for ONE DAY, what would YOU do?”

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