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WWO: Podcast Reach Now Matches That of TV

This week’s blog post from Cumulus Media | Westwood One’s Audio Active Group analyzes data from Edison Research’s just-released Infinite Dial study. Some of the takeaways from the study that are further explored in the post include: 1) No longer is podcasting a niche platform lacking scale:im Podcasting deserves a larger role in media plans as opposed to “test and learn” experimental buys. 135 million Americans, 47% of persons 12+, are reached monthly. Among demographics such as persons 18-34, 18-49, and 25-54, monthly reach is in the low 60% range; 2) It is feasible to consider shifting TV budgets to podcasting given that podcast 18-34 reach performance is as big as TV; 3) The ratio of monthly audiences who also listen weekly is an excellent measure of podcast habituation. At present, 71% of the monthly female podcast audience also listen weekly. This is the strongest female podcast habituation in the last decade; and 4) Currently, podcasts only represent 1% of total national ad spend, per Guideline’s Standard Media Index reporting. At the dawn of cable TV, legendary BBDO media chief Arnie Semsky created the “5% solution,” which stipulated that brands devote 5% of media budgets to cable. 5% is enough of allocation to generate meaningful impact. Semsky was prescient. His brands hugely benefited from taking an early, bold, and strong position in a growing new medium, a lesson for the marketers of today when it comes to podcasts. See the full blog post here.