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Merchandize Your Show!

Mark Kaye, host of the WOKV-FM, Jacksonville-based “The Mark Kaye Show,” writes today in a piece for TALKERS magazine about the value of selling merchandise to your P1s. He says, “We have a saying around ‘The Mark Kaye Show’ studio: ‘If the audience likes it on the air, they’re gonna LOVE it on a t-shirt!’” He gives examples of how they come up with creative ideas to sell merch to their listeners that strengthens the bond between them and his show. He says, “Merchandise isn’t just an additional stream of revenue, it’s a bond that can connect you and your audience eternally. They love you. They love your show. They love it for the three hours a day you offer it to them. Unless you offer them something tangible that doesn’t drift off into the ether after you turn off the microphone, they can’t show their fandom the other 21 hours of the day.” Read the full story here.