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Monday Memo: Future-Proof Your Career

By Holland Cooke

imHow will AI tools like ChatGPT impact the way we work? The clues are everywhere. Several client stations have automated weather, and even with your consultant’s trained ear, I had to ask. And yes, she’s a robot.

From Harvard Business Review: 5 tips

— Avoid Predictability – AI isn’t generating new insights; it’s a prediction engine that merely guesses the most likely next word…its suggestions tend to homogenize, and they’re only as good as the wisdom of the crowds, which is often the exact opposite of wisdom.

— Hone the skills that machines strive to emulate – AI responses display empathy (“I am sorry my answer upset you”), self-awareness (“I’m just an AI model and my answers are based on training data”). But those responses are based on text prediction, and AI is not capable of experiencing or displaying the human version of these soft skills…so actually knowing and caring about what others think and feel, truly understanding yourself, and being capable of creating something machines cannot is an essential strategy to set yourself apart.


— Double down on “the real world” – Original research — actually talking to people and identifying new insights — becomes critical, because AI can only connect past dots and information it’s already been presented with. When you tap into information that isn’t (yet) online through your lived experience or novel interviews and conversations, you’re adding something genuinely new to the cultural conversation that wouldn’t be possible through AI.

— Develop your personal brand – Just as art world buyers will pay exponentially more for a “real Rembrandt” rather than an equally beautiful painting by one of his lesser-known contemporaries, corporate leaders will likely continue to pay a premium to work with people viewed as the “top of their field” — partly as a statement of quality, and partly as a brand statement about whom they associate with and what they value.

— Cultivate expertise – AI technologies are prodigious researchers that can summon a cavalcade of facts almost instantly. Unfortunately, some of those facts aren’t true. Even if AI performs “first draft” functions, it still has to be double-checked by a trusted and reliable source.

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