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Status of WBZ-FM, Boston’s Fred Toucher Unknown

On Wednesday’s program, WBZ-FM, Boston “98.5 The Sports Hub” morning drive host Rich Shertenlieb spoke about the absence of co-host Fred Toucher on this week’s programs after Toucher’s concerning social media posts last weekend. Those posts have since been deleted but they made references to wishing to die. Shertenlieb told listeners that their desire to know what’s going on with Toucher is understandable but that hisim hands are tied as anything he could say has to be approved by management. The Boston Globe reports that Shertenlieb said, “The last time he was out for an extended period, I gave an update and was gently asked for a lot of different reasons that any statement regarding him has to be approved by management. There have been statements that have been submitted, some have been approved, some haven’t been. It just turns into asking, ‘What can I say? What can I say?’ Listen, no one wants to be in this position. Fred doesn’t want to be in this position, the station doesn’t want to be in this position, I certainly don’t want to be in this position, but as of now, all I’ve been approved to tell you, because you’re such great listeners and we love you, is that he’s not here today, I’m not sure exactly when he’ll be back, but I’ve been a friend of Fred’s for years and I hope the best for him.” Read the Boston Globe story here.