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Wayne Allyn Root Book Selling Well Thanks to Talk Radio

Las Vegas-based, nationally syndicated talk radio personality Wayne Allyn Root tells TALKERS magazine his latest book, The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book, is doing very well on several Amazon book charts, and he says talk radio is the main reason why. He says, “My new book is out for 48 hours and already it’s a #1 bestseller in many categories at Amazon. And to what do I credit my success at going so quickly to #1? Talk radio. In past 48 hours I’ve been a guest on 30 talk radio shows… plus of course, I’ve promoted my book on my own national radio show. Talk radio works!” Root is an ardent Donald Trump supporter who says the former president linked to his recent opinion piece titled, “Democrats Want to Indict & Arrest President Trump. They Want a War? Let’s Give it to Them” in one of his recent posts on Truth Social.