Monday Memo: Dine with Seinfeld’s Parents?

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — All this month, my column outlines “Inflation Hacks,” easy ways to cut costs as our listeners (and we) are coping. To catch you up, here are previous installments:

Eating-out is in the budget crosshairs

But you CAN afford to treat yourself, occasionally, by shopping smart:

  • As they do at Del Boca Vista, eat early. In restaurant lingo, you’re in “the first turn.”
  • NO NAMES, because the place is cozy and doesn’t take reservations. Let’s just say that a certain oyster bar my wife and I like offers “Buck-a-Shuck” before 6:00 pm.
  • Opt-in if your favorite spot has an email list. They’ll tout specials.
  • Have dessert at home. It’s one of restaurants’ two most profitable items (drinks being the other). And every add-on adds to the tip.
  • Members: Actually bother reading what AAA and AARP send you. You are entitled to a discount at some restaurants.

 Open wide…

My pal Larry doesn’t go to a dentist. He lets university dental students hone their clinical repertoire on him.

  • Yes, it is less-expensive, “and insurance still covers it!”
  • One trade-off he is quick to add: “Plan on spending the whole morning there,” because students’ work is so closely supervised.
  • Because it’s a university, he reckons he’s getting state-of-the-art care.
  • When I asked about students’ rookie mistakes, Larry quips: “The students are gentle. Just don’t let the faculty in there!”

 In next week’s column, The Lightning Round…and a fabulous radio prize.

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