NAB2022: Employee Wellness and Mental Health

By Holland Cooke


LAS VEGAS — You could have heard a pin drop when TelevisaUnvision president/regional radio GM Sabina Widmann said “This pandemic was the earthquake, and now we’re living in a tsunami, the mental health crisis in America.”

Because “what we do in radio is SO much about the people, about connecting,” this Great Resignation we’ve been reporting-on hits home. In her experience, “money is not the end-all for most employees.” How they FEEL is Issue One. “If you ask someone how they are, they might answer ‘Not so good.’”

Her recommendations:

  • Establish remote work boundaries that help employees clearly distinguish work life from personal life. She doesn’t email employees after hours, “because they’ll be answering me at 10:00 pm.”
  • Train managers and supervisors to lead with empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • Enhance Employee Benefits with Mental Health and Well-being Options.
  • Embed Mental Health and Wellness into Your Company Culture. “We force employees to take vacation in that year.”
  • “Know the signs if an employee or co-worker is struggling with their mental health and take action.”

“Focus on employee retention, less on hiring.”

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