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Holiday 2022 PPM Ratings Takeaways – Part Four

Bill Gates - usedHoliday 2022 PPM Data – Information for the Holiday 2022 survey period has been released for Austin, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Providence, Norfolk, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Greensboro, Memphis, and Hartford.

Nielsen Audio’s Holiday 2022 sweep covered December 8 (2022) – January 4 (2023).

TALKERS magazine managing editor Mike Kinosian provides “Takeaways” for spoken-word stations finishing in their respective markets’ top twenty.

Cited as well are each particular city’s #1 station (6+) and loftiest (6+) upticks and drop-offs.

All comparisons noted are December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 (6+).   


News/Talk: Waterloo Media Group KLBJ-AM “News Radio” 4.7 – 4.4, -.3, sixth to fifth

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Genuine Austin Radio’s KTXX “The Horn” 2.3 – 2.1, -.2, flat at #17

Public Radio News/Talk: University of Texas-owned KUT 5.7 – 5.2, -.5, third to fourth

Number One 6+: Audacy adult contemporary KKMJ, second month in a row, 9.0 – 10.7, +1.7

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary KKMJ (+1.7)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: regional Mexican KLZT (-1.7)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s WTKK “106.1 FM Talk” 9.2 – 10.4, +1.2, first to second

News: Capitol Broadcasting-owned WRAL-HD3 “WRAL News+” .3 – .2, -.1, #23 to #16

Sports Talk: Capitol Broadcasting’s WCMC-FM “99.9 FM The Fan” (Carolina Hurricanes) 2.7 – 3.9, +1.2, #13 to #8 and co-owned WCMC-HD2 flat at .3, #23 to #14

Public Radio News/Talk: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-owned WUNC 8.2 – 9.2, +1.0, second to fourth

Number One 6+: Capitol Broadcasting adult contemporary WRAL, first month, 6.9 – 11.6, +4.7

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WRAL (+4.7)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: classic rock WRDU (-.4)

Note: Seven (7) Curtis Media Group-owned stations that appeared in the December 2022 top twenty are no longer subscribers and are unlisted in “Holiday” 2022. In addition to news/talk WPTF (#18 in December 2022), the others are: classic hits-oldies WKIX-FM (#5); adult hits WBBB (#7); country WQDR-FM (#8); classic hits-oldies WKIX-AM (#15); CHR WPLW (#15); and regional Mexican WYMY (#15).


News/Talk: Urban One’s WIBC “93.1 FM Indy’s Mobile News” 7.1 – 5.7, -1.4, repeats in third-place

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Urban One-owned WIBC-HD2 “The Fan” (Colts) 3.7 – 3.3, -.4, #11 to #12

iHeartMedia’s WNDE “Fox Sports 1260” .7 – .4, -.3, #18 to #19

Audacy’s WXNT “CBS Sports 1430” .3 – .4, +.1, #21 to #19

Public Radio News/Talk: Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Broadcasting-owned WFYI 4.4 – 4.0, -.4, anchored at #9

Number One 6+: Urban One adult contemporary WYXB, second month in a row, 11.5 – 17.1, +5.6

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WYXB (+5.6)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: classic hits-oldies WJJK (-1.8)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s WISN “News Talk 1130” 9.9 – 8.8, -1.1, first to third

Good Karma Brands-owned WTMJ “Wisconsin’s Radio Station” (Bucks) 6.6 – 6.2, -.4, locked in fifth-place

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: iHeartMedia’s WRNW “97.3 The Game” (Green Bay Packers) 2.4 – 1.6, -.8, #14 to #15

Good Karma Brands-owned WKTI “ESPN Milwaukee” steady at 1.0, #19 to #17

Public Radio News/Talk: University of Wisconsin-owned WUWM 4.1 – 3.3, -.8, #10 to #11

Number One 6+: iHeartMedia classic hits-oldies WRIT, first month, 8.3 – 11.2, +2.9

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: classic hits-oldies WRIT (+2.9)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: news/talk WISN (-1.1)


News/Talk: Cumulus Media’s WWTN “SuperTalk 99.7” 4.4 – 4.9, +.5, eighth to seventh

iHeartMedia-owned WLAC “Talk Radio 1510” 1.3 – 1.2, -.1, #18 to #17

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Cumulus Media’s WGFX “104.5 The Zone” (Tennessee Titans) 7.3 – 6.6, -.7, third to fourth

Cromwell Radio Group-owned WPRT “102.5 The Game” (Predators) 1.4 – 1.1, -.3, #15 to #18

Public Radio News/Talk: Nashville Public Radio’s WPLN-FM 4.0 – 2.6, -1.4, #10 to #13

Number One 6+: Midwest Communications adult contemporary WJXA, second month in succession, 11.9 – 14.4, +2.5

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WJXA (+2.5)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: public radio news/talk WPLN-FM (-1.4)


 News/Talk: Cumulus Media’s WPRO-AM & WEAN “News Talk 630 AM & 99.7 FM” 5.3 – 4.5, -.8, fifth to seventh

iHeartMedia-owned WHJJ “News Radio 920” flat at .5, continues at #18

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Beasley Media Group-owned WBZ-FM “98.5 The Sports Hub” (Bruins, Celtics, New England Patriots) 4.5 – 4.0, -.5, anchored in eighth-place

Audacy’s WVEI “Sports Radio 103.7” 2.8 – 2.2, -.6, remains at #11

Public Radio News/Talk: WGBH Educational Foundation-owned WGBH 3.5 – 3.3, -.2, repeats in ninth-place

Rhode Island Public Radio’s WNPN 2.9 – 2.6, -.3, stays at #10

Number One 6+: Cumulus Media adult contemporary WWLI, third month in succession, 10.5 – 16.9, +6.4

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WWLI (+6.4)*

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease (Tie): CHR WPRO-FM and country WCTK (-1.4)

*Represents the largest December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 increase (6+) of any station from these 12 PPM-markets


News/Talk: Sinclair’s WNIS “News Talk AM 790” 4.4 – 2.8, -1.6, #7 to #11

News: iHeartMedia-owned WNOH “BIN 105.3 Because Truth Matters” 1.5 – .8, -.7, #17 to #20

Sports Talk: Max Broadcast Group’s WVSP “94.1 ESPN” flat at 1.6, #16 to #17

Public Radio News/Talk: None in the top twenty

Number One 6+: Audacy adult contemporary WWDE, second month in a row, 10.2 – 14.4, +4.2

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WWDE (+4.2)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: news/talk WNIS (-1.6)


News/Talk: Cox Media Group’s WOKV-FM “104.5 Jacksonville’s News & Talk” 6.9 – 6.1 -.8, fourth to fifth

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Cox Media Group-owned WOKV-AM “ESPN Jacksonville 690 AM” .3 – .6, +.3, #21 to #19

Public Radio News/Talk: WJCT, Inc.’s WJCT 3.0 – 2.8, -.2, locked at #11

Number One 6+: Renda adult contemporary WEJZ, second consecutive month, 14.0 – 18.1, +4.1

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WEJZ (+4.1)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: country WQIK (-1.9)**

**Represents the largest December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 decrease (6+) of any station from these 12 PPM-markets


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s WZZR “92.1 Real Radio” 2.1 – 1.7, -.4, repeats in tenth-place and cluster-mate WJNO “News Radio 1290” 1.3 – 1.1, -.2, flat at #13

Hubbard Broadcasting-owned WFTL “News Talk 850” .9 – 1.0, +.1, anchored at #15

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Hubbard Broadcasting’s WMEN “Fox Sports 640 AM South Florida” (Florida Panthers) .8 – 1.1, +.3, #16 to #13

iHeartMedia-owned WBZT “Sports Radio 1230 The Gambler” steady at .2, remains at #19

Public Radio News/Talk: Dade County School Board’s flat at 3.2, carries on at #7

Number One 6+: Hubbard Broadcasting classic hits-oldies WEAT, first month, 7.0 – 7.8, +.8

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WOLL (+1.3)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: contemporary Christian WAYF (-1.3)

Note: Hubbard Broadcasting hot AC WRMF had been #1 the past 12 months


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s WPTI “News Talk 94.5” 4.7 – 3.2, -1.5, repeats in eighth-place

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: None in the top twenty

Public Radio News/Talk: Wake Forest University’s WFDD 2.5 – 2.6, +.1, #11 to #9

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-owned WUNC 1.9 – 1.3, -.6, flat at #13

Number One 6+: iHeartMedia adult contemporary WMAG, second month in a row, 12.8 – 17.4, +4.6

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WMAG (+4.6)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: news/talk WPTI (-1.5)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s WREC “News Talk 600 AM” 2.7 – 2.6, -.1, remains at #13

Cumulus Media-owned WKIM “News/Talk 98.9, The Roar of Memphis” 1.9 – 2.1, +.2, continues at #15

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Audacy’s WMFS “Sports Radio 92.9” (Grizzlies) 3.8 – 3.6, -.2, repeats in ninth-place

Public Radio News/Talk: Mid-South Public Communications-owned WKNO 1.3 – 1.1, -.2, #18 to #17

Number One 6+: Cumulus Media urban-rhythmic oldies WRBO, 13th successive month, 11.7 – 13.2, +1.5

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: urban contemporary WHRK (+1.6)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: urban contemporary KXHT (-1.6)


News/Talk: Audacy’s WTIC-AM “News Talk 1080” 5.6 – 5.1, -.5, fifth to sixth

Red Wolf Broadcasting-owned WDRC-AM “The Talk of Connecticut” flat at 1.0, stays at #17

iHeartMedia’s WPOP “News Radio 1410 AM & 100.9 FM” unchanged at .2, #21 to #20

WTIC-AM’s internet stream steady at .2, #21 to #20

Sports Talk: iHeartMedia’s WUCS “97.9 ESPN” 1.8 – 2.0, +.2, #14 to #13

Public Radio News/Talk: Connecticut Educational Communications-owned WNPR 7.0 – 5.7, -1.3, third to fifth

New England Public Media’s WFCR unchanged at .4, #20 to #18 and WFCR’s internet stream .2, #20 (did not appear in the December 2022 sweep)

Number One 6+: Audacy adult contemporary WRCH, 35th month in a row, 15.0 – 15.8, +.8

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Increase: adult contemporary WRCH (+.8)

Largest 6+ December 2022 – “Holiday” 2022 Decrease: public radio news/talk WNPR (-1.3)


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Front Page News Industry News

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

WKNR Contest Puts $30,000 Ad Campaign Up For Grabs. This marks the third consecutive year that Good Karma Brands sports talk WKNR “850 ESPN Cleveland” will give away a $30,000 WKNR advertising schedule to one local business. To qualify for “Moving Business Forward,” the establishment must be owned by a veteran, minority member, or woman. The promotion runs through this Friday (7/29) and is open to Northeast Ohio businesses incorporated and active for at least two years with annual revenue under $15 million in fiscal year 2021. Entrants must submit an under 300-word statement saying why their business deserves to win. Judging criteria will be on passion for the business; innovation during – and response to – the COVID-19 pandemic; employee loyalty; impact on business’ neighborhood/community; and overall business culture. According to Good Karma Brands Cleveland vice president/market manager Amy Crossman, “We are excited to partner with Keybank and the Cleveland Cavaliers to continue this powerful program for the local business community. We look forward to connecting our passionate sports fans with these deserving Cleveland-based businesses to help them thrive in the future.” The winner will have use of a private suite for one Cavs game at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. WKNR will buy $2,500 in gift cards, divided among veteran, minority, and women-owned businesses, to be given away throughout the year.

NAB Appoints Hall to Leadership Foundation Board. Talk host/journalist/producer/author Tamron Hall is appointed to the National Association of Broadcasters’ Leadership Foundation. In addition, Hall assumes the newly-created position of industry ambassador, where she will work with NABLF on campaigns and fundraising efforts. NAB Leadership Foundation president Michelle Duke comments, “Tamron Hall exemplifies the values of NABLF through her commitment to service, advocacy, and diversity. Her strong record of public service and leadership make her uniquely-qualified to serve as a champion for the Foundation and for broadcasting. We look forward to her partnership and working with her to make our industry better.” Hall adds, “I am so excited to help the NAB Leadership Foundation continue its mission of attracting and developing the next generation of innovative broadcast executives. More than ever, we need to ensure that the broadcast industry has a pipeline of future leaders that reflect our diverse audiences. It’s been an honor to work with the Foundation in the past; I look forward to furthering this work as a member of the Board.” As industry ambassador, Hall will help NABLF honor broadcast radio and television stations’ community service efforts through the Foundation’s annual Celebration of Service to America Awards, which she hosted two years ago.

KO’s “Countdown” Continues as an iHM Podcast. Beginning August 1, former longtime ESPN and MSNBC anchor; author; and three-time Edward R. Murrow Award winner Keith Olbermann will launch a daily iHeartMedia podcast series. “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” will include a news-driven mix featuring a “Special Comment” political analysis and his popular MSNBC “Worst Person In The World” segment. As part of the podcast, the one time sports anchor at Los Angeles all-news outlet KNX will do a regular sports bit, as well as a daily call to help a suffering dog. In a Wall Street Journal interview this week, Olbermann declares that podcasts have, “replaced radio and to a large part television. Why not present something that is there every day for people? My goal is that you’ll be able to listen and get everything that happened. It won’t be, ‘here we are reacting to last week’s news.’ I’m doing the work for the work. I stopped predicting my next career development around 1997.” Former “Today” anchor Katie Couric and Fox News host Megyn Kelly launched post-television audio broadcasting careers. Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien signed a deal with SiriusXM earlier this year to start a podcasting venture. Olbermann covered the 1980 Olympics “Miracle on Ice” and anchored the 2009 Super Bowl pre-game show.

Hobbs To Helm MundoNow’s Óyenos Audio. Multicultural podcasting veteran Stephen Hobbs is named chief audio officer of MundoNow’s Latino podcast network, Óyenos Audio. Hobbs will oversee the development of new original scripted series and audio entertainment concepts that will focus on topics including true crime and inspirational stories. MundoNow chief executive officer Rene Alegrias remarks, “Latinos expect smart, highly sophisticated podcasts that provide a culturally-accurate connection to their heritage. Óyenos will provide this and it will be driven by the renowned Stephen Hobbs. In the world of multicultural podcasting, Stephen’s caliber and experience is unmatched.” MundoNow chief revenue officer/partner Andrew Polsky notes, “I immediately recognized the impact this platform can make in expanding meaningful podcasting for the underserved bilingual/bicultural market. This impact will be maximized with the hiring of Stephen. I’ve worked with him before on multiple brand partnership executions. I’m excited to collaborate with him again to not only elevate Óyenos, but the offering of Latino streaming content as a whole.” Hobbs states that bilingual digital media company MundoNow, recently rebranded from Mundo Hispanico, is “exceptionally well-positioned to become a leader in multicultural podcasting. It has the audience, it has the growth strategy under superior leadership from Rene and Andrew, and it has the production capacity. My job is to create content that will have listeners on the edge of their seats, or perhaps making an emotional connection.” Hobbs co-founded reVolver Podcasts; was Univision’s vice president of podcasts and experiential; and during his three-year tenure at Spanish Broadcasting Systems launched AIRE Radio Network. MundoNow generates ten million unique visitors each month, along with 70+ million pageviews and more than a quarter-billion served ad impressions.

TALKERS News Notes. In a Facebook post, Sammy Simpson reveals, “I am going to be transitioning out of the brand/content manager role at Capitol Broadcasting [Raleigh]. The company has started the search for a new sports [talk] program director and I would encourage you to apply or help spread the word if interested in a truly great opportunity.” Simpson joined Capitol Broadcasting Raleigh two years ago to oversee sports talk WCMC “99.9 The Fan”; sports talk WCMC-HD2 “Buzz Sports Radio”; and sports talk WDNC “620 The Ticket.” The cluster also includes adult contemporary WRAL “Mix 101.5” and triple A WCLY “That Station.” …  Meanwhile, in another sports talk-related Facebook post, we learn that Waterloo Media Austin flips Spanish contemporary KLZT-HD2 (1.2, #22, June 2022, 6+) to sports talk as “102.7 ESPN Austin.” In addition to ESPN programming, the on-air lineup will include: Jason Dick and CJ Morgan (from alternative cluster-mate KROX); Ed Clements (from co-owned news/talk KLBJ-AM); and Bryan Bymark (from rock cluster-mate KLBJ-FM). … Per USA Today‘s Mike Organ, Nashville media personality Mark Howard has died at the age of 65. In 2004, Howard became co-host of  “The Wake Up Zone” on Nashville sports talk WGFX “The Zone 104.5”; he left the show in 2020. The Connecticut native most recently worked as a part-time host at cross-town Cromwell Group sports talk WPRT-FM “The Game 102.5.” Howard spent several years hosting a Tennessee Titans post-game show and co-hosted Nashville Predators pre-game and post-game programs. … The first five recipients of the Friends of Georgia Radio’s “Georgia Radio Legends” honors are: Media Ventures Partners founder (the late) Charles Giddens; Georgia Association of Broadcasters president/National Alliance of State Broadcasters Association president Bob Houghton; Cox Media Group Atlanta news/talk WSB-AM & WSBB legislative reporter Sandra Parrish; Atlanta Public Schools public radio news/talk WABE host Lois Reitzes; and University of Georgia radio studio host/WSB-AM & WSBB director of marketing & research Neal “Hondo” Williamson. They will be recognized at a Jeff Foxworthy-hosted event next month (8/27) in Alpharetta.

Podtrac Releases Weekly Podcast Data. Tracking data of podcasts for Podtrac-measured shows indicates that downloads are down 9% (July 18 – 24) over the previous week, but up 53% over the corresponding period last year. All categories are down week-to-week, with “History” and “Society & Culture” showing the most significant week-to-week decline (-12%). Meanwhile, “Health & Fitness” registers the strongest year-to-year growth, a robust +179%. Across all Podtrac-measured podcasts, download growth (July 19, 2021 – July 24, 2022) was up 53%, while week-over-week download growth (July 18 – 24, 2022) was off 9%. For the 52-week period (July 19, 2021 to July 24, 2022), “Health & Fitness” is +179%; “Comedy” is +100%; “Sports” is +64%; “True Crime” is +54%; “Science” is +52%; “Business” is +51%; “News” is +43%; “Society & Culture” is +39%; “History” is +32%; and “Arts” is flat. Week-over-week download dips (July 18 – 24, 2022) included: -12% (“History”); -12% (“Society & Culture”); -10% (“News”); -10% (“Sports”); -10% (“True Crime”); -9% (“Science”); -7% (“Business”); -7% (“Comedy”); -6% (“Arts”); and -6% (“Health & Fitness”).

SiriusXM, NFL Extend/Expand Their Broadcast Agreement. Under terms of the new five-year extension, SiriusXM becomes the exclusive third-party audio provider of every National Football League game across North America. NFL chief media and business officer Brian Rolapp remarks, “SiriusXM continues to be an important part of the NFL family. [It provides] fans access to live game audio, as well as all news and information around their favorite teams.” SiriusXM president and chief content officer Scott Greenstein notes, “The popularity of the NFL, and the passion of their fans, is extraordinary. Since 2004, the NFL has been an important component of SiriusXM’s programming lineup as we deliver those fans exceptional access to all their favorite teams. We couldn’t be more pleased to now be expanding our relationship with the league, ensuring our listeners will continue to get comprehensive access to the NFL.” Subscribers will continue getting access to every NFL game through Super Bowl LXI (2027) on SiriusXM radio and on the SXM App. The SXM App offers 32 NFL team channels, each dedicated to carrying the official radio broadcast for each NFL team. The satcaster will offer additional team-focused content, including coaches shows, and press conferences to subscribers.

America Amplified “Election 2022” Launches This Week. Funded by the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, the America Amplified “Election 2022” initiative helps public media stations in 25 states, including Michigan Radio, ensure that citizens are properly informed to participate in this fall’s local, state and congressional elections. Corporation For Public Broadcasting president/chief executive officer Pat Harrison comments, “Voting is the foundation of a democracy. We want to ensure that all eligible citizens have the information they need to exercise their right to vote. With more than 1,500 locally managed and operated stations, public media is ideally situated to engage all citizens. America Amplified’s listening-first approach will help build trust in the process.” Michigan Radio program director Matt Shafer Powell remarks, “Joining America Amplified gives Michigan Radio the chance to build on our long-standing commitment to engaging and informing our community. We are excited to bring additional resources to better understand what our communities need to know about election processes and election security.” Among the initiative’s community engagement activities is an online tool that allows the public to submit questions related to the election voting process. Questions will be answered using nonpartisan election information sources.