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WPHT, Philadelphia Broadcasts Dom Giordano’s Parent-Targeted Podcast as Back-to-School Special

In what was clearly a timely programming choice, WPHT, Philadelphia “Talk Radio 1210” aired the back-to-school edition of popular midday host Dom Giordano’s acclaimed podcast, “Readin’ Writin’ and Reason.”im Giordano, heard daily 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm, is considered “The Dean of Philadelphia Talk Radio.” He is a former teacher and longtime education analyst. The special program, which aired on 8/31 at 9:00 pm emphasized the importance of parental rights and featured noted psychiatrist Renee S. Kohanski M.D. who gave specific guidance on how parents could direct their kids to realize they could come to them with anything that happened in school. Riley Gaines joined to talk about gender issues, particularly in female sports and Kirk Cameron came aboard to discuss getting books that celebrate traditional values back in libraries. Giordano tells TALKERS, “The show showcases the cutting-edge educational issues we face as a country and offers solutions both short and long term.” On his regularly scheduled show today (9/12), Giordano will be interviewing 13-year-old singing/recording rising star Stella Mabry about her song “Mean Girl” which she wrote at the age of 10 to express her experience being bullied in school. Bullying continues to be a growing problem in American education.