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Benztown Production Libraries Now Offer AI-Aided Search Features

Benztown says it is “supercharging” its audio imaging libraries with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. “Benztown audio production libraries now offer new AI-aided search features that make audio producers’ jobs easier and faster than ever through improved and more intuitive search functionality.” Benztown says this helps audio producers to: 1) Search Suggestions by Top User Searches – View the most popular searches andim proposed tags when you make a search; 2) Contains Exactly Search – Search for multiple keywords in the same order (substring) by searching in quotes or clicking ‘Contains exactly: “your search”; 3) Autocomplete – See suggestions of possible terms to complete your search; 4) Autocorrect – View intended results even if you make a typo in your search; 5) Suggestions And Result Preview – See suggestions and categories based on your search results, allowing you to view which elements exist for each song; and 6) Download Files in 24bit 48kHz – You can now request access to download higher resolution audio. Benztown CEO Andreas Sannemann says, “The Benztown libraries have always been on the cutting edge of AI development in sync with music and practical application for imaging directors and audio content creators. We keep pushing the standards to create the best possible product for our clients.”