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St. Louis Talk Host Suffers Trial Setback

According to a report by Ryan Krull in the River Front Times, St. Louis chiropractor and talk radio host Eric Nepute was dealt a few legal blows by U.S. District Court Judge Ronnie L. White as he prepares his defense. Nepute, host of the two-hour morning show “Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute” on East Central Broadcasting’sim “Real Talk Radio Network” on Missouri stations KRTK-FM, Hermann; KVMO-FM, Vandalia; and KTRE-FM, Steelville, is being sued by the feds under the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act for peddling false information about the COVID pandemic in order to sell supplements and vitamins. The trial is set to begin on August 21 and as a result of the rulings, Nepute is not allowed to testify as a medical expert as the judge ruled he does not practice medicine and has no “experience treating infectious diseases, and more specifically, COVID-19.” The judge also ruled that Nepute’s program is a form of advertising and as such falls under the laws that regulate commercial speech. Read the River Front Times story here.