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Compass Media Networks To Handle ABC Audio Ad Sales

Compass Logo Effective immediately for inventory beginning next January, Compass Media Networks will be ABC Audio’s exclusive advertising representative. ABC Audio vice president Liz Alesse declares, “We are thrilled to usher in a new phase of growth for ABC Audio with the announcement of our strategic partnership with Compass Media Networks. “ABC News Radio remains steadfast in its mission to provide our news affiliates incisive, up-to-the-minute headlines; we’re equally committed to creating top-tier entertainment content. By maintaining our high standards in these areas, we do more than just serve our stations – we also create exceptional opportunities for our advertisers.” Compass Media Networks chief executive officer Peter Kosann remarks that, “Christmas has come early for us and our national sponsors. ABC Audio represents some of the most iconic brands and media assets in the world. We will move mountains to be a wonderful ambassador and advocate for our new partner.” As TALKERSnoted last Wednesday (7/5), ABC Audio and Skyview Networks agreed to end their similar arrangement. A Skyview statement read, “ABC Audio and Skyview Networks are committed to working together to ensure a smooth transition. Skyview will continue meeting the needs of the industry and its full-scale multi-partner relationships. Skyview Networks will continue representing ABC Audio network sales while also providing distribution service through 2023. We wish ABC Audio continued success in the years ahead.”