Job Opportunity

Cumulus Seeks Experienced News/Talk Programmer

Cumulus Media is looking for a program director for its Chattanooga, Tennessee news/talk stations. The program director will be responsible for growing and operating strong brands and must have a strong programming background and passion for growing others and a passion for the local community. You willim program two legendary news/talk stations. Energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and experience in news writing/delivering and talk show hosting is a necessity. You must have the ability to interact with listeners and handle multiple phone calls at one time. You will be responsible for all aspects of programming including managing and motivating on-air staff, imaging, station strategy, developing and executing revenue generating sales & programming promotions, website & social media, digital content and have a strong understanding of the core audience of a news/talk format. The position also requires a daily AM drive air-shift, along with live appearances and live broadcasts! See more and apply here.