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Tucker Carlson Debuts on Twitter; FOX News Cries Foul

According to a report by Axios, FOX News has notified Tucker Carlson’s attorneys that they believe his Tuesday Twitter broadcast is in violation of his contract. The Tuesday program was Carlson’s first broadcast since he exited FOX News Channel in April. FOX argues that the showim was a violation of the non-compete portion of his contract. Axios reports that Carlson’s lawyers say, “Any legal action by FOX would violate [Carlson’s] First Amendment rights.” The Axios piece goes on to say that Carlson is accusing FOX News of breach of contract for breaking their promise to not settle the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit in a manner in which it would indicate wrongdoing on the part of Carlson. It’s been reported that firing Carlson was a part of FOX’s settlement agreement with Dominion. Read the Axios report here.