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Audacy to Seek Reverse Stock Split

Audacy has filed a schedule 14a with the Securities Exchange Commission providing notice of its annual meeting of shareholders scheduled for May 24. At that meeting, shareholders will consider a number of proposals, including one to permit the board of directors to affect a reverse stock split of the company’s outstanding Class A and Class B Common Stock, at a ratio within a range between one-for-two and one-for-30. A reverse stock split reduces the number of shares that each shareholder owns but increases the value of each remaining share. Audacy says, “We are seeking shareholder approval for the authority to effectuate the reverse stock split as a means of increasing the share price of our Class A Common Stock to be at or above $1.00 per share in order to attempt to avoid delisting by the NYSE. We expect that the reverse stock split will increase the closing price per share of our Class A Common Stock to be above the $1.00 per share minimum price for the required number of days, thereby satisfying this listing requirement. However, there can be no assurance that the reverse stock split will have that effect, initially or in the future, or that it will enable us to maintain the listing of our Class A Common Stock on the NYSE. We are not aware of any present efforts by anyone to accumulate our Class A Common Stock, and the proposed reverse stock split is not intended to be an anti-takeover device.” Audacy was put on notice last August 1 that it was not in compliance with the minimum average closing price of $1.00 per share and faces delisting.