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Benztown Unveils Expanded and Updated News/Talk Library

The company breaks out its new Benztown News/Talk audio imaging library for radio stations, that focuses on bringing updated and more frequent caller and host audio, an accelerated update schedule, and more daily topical promos and sweepers designed exclusively for news/talk stations. Benztown says the updates include a refocused approach based on caller/listener interaction and daily topical pieces. It adds, “The Benztown News/Talk Library is created by the industry’s top imaging and production specialists, led by imaging director, Adam “Ketch” Kecskemeti, and imaging voice, Mike Hansen. Paired with Benztown’s Ambush News/Talk Library, led by imaging director Scott Phillips, and format voice JJ Surma, and housed on Benztown’s industry-leading platform, news/talk radio stations have every imaging tool and solution at their fingertips.” Benztown VP, sales & operations Masa Patterson says, “We are incredibly excited to bring America’s best news/talk stations an enhanced and expansive toolset they need now more than ever. Benztown News/Talk is all stations need to produce what their listeners count on them for, from conservative talkers to straight-up traffic and weather. With this increase in caller interaction and daily topical elements, it has everything news/talk stations need to get a jump on tomorrow’s news today – and more.” Listen to a composite of the expanded Benztown News/Talk Library, paired with Benztown’s companion library Ambush here.