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CES2023: Outlandish, Literally

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By Holland Cooke

When I say “Hyundai,” you think “car.” But Hyundai Heavy Industries is the world’s largest shipbuilding conglomerate, and they’re here to unveil “Ocean Transformation” strategies to change the way we utilize the sea and marine ecosystem. They’re showing off large replicas of unmanned “future ships” they say will be safer and more economical.

The Dutch company RanMarine Technology – a CES Innovation Award winner – introduces “MegaShark, the Trash Collection Catamaran,” which will bite-into some 200 million metric tons of plastic already in the oceans. We are seeing underwater robots, and we’re hearing about plans to expand living space to the ocean and generate energy there.


Legacy Media Disrupted

At CES2004, former radio mogul Mel Karmazin took over Sirius Satellite Radio, eventually merged with XM. Napster came-and-went. And with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and others now such faves, I feel lots more comfortable working in news/talk/sports radio than I would in music FM. It could be worse. I used to work at USA Today. The very term “newspaper” now sounds antique.

Don’t take it personally. Kindle and other e-readers disrupted books. The digital camera disrupted film. Enabled by 4G, Uber and Lyft disrupted the taxi industry. What will 5G bring? Stay tuned.

Glass-half-empty: “obsolescence.” Glass-half-full: “disruption,” which CES celebrates each year. And as I and TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison have been preaching to anyone-willing-to-listen for the last several decades, the skill set you acquired to do broadcast radio will advantage you in many other media.


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