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George Noory Celebrating 20 Years as Host of Coast to Coast AM

This month marks the 20th anniversary of George Noory’s hosting Premiere Networks’ “Coast to Coast AM.” The four-hour overnight talk show is heard on more than 640 radio stations across the U.S. Noory says, “Hosting ‘Coast to Coast AM’ has been an incredible journey that keeps on giving. It’s hard to imagine my life without this tremendous program, and I’m so thankful to the audience who has motivated and inspired us to continue growing and evolving the last 20 years. I’m also thankful for Premiere and our entire production team for their support – they’re simply the best and I couldn’t do it without them.” Premiere Networks president Julie Talbott comments, “Entering his 21st year as host of ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ George continues to engage millions of overnight listeners across the country with the passion and enthusiasm he had at the very beginning of our partnership. It takes a special talent to not only maintain an audience, but also grow it over the course of two decades. We couldn’t be happier to celebrate this milestone with George as we continue to deliver the best overnight talk radio program while providing unparalleled results for our partners.”