Monday Memo: Promoting Your Podcast with Email

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — You DO regularly communicate with an email list…right? Few opportunities to engage are more powerful than the ongoing conversation you have with followers. It’s a relationship that Pandora and Spotify and SiriusXM can’t emulate and smart radio hosts exploit well.

Send a link to your latest episode, invite feedback, and (of course) “Share with a friend.”

Any email you send is worthless if it doesn’t get read  

  • And you yourself demonstrate why, every time you open your In Box. True or false: You delete some (lots) of messages unread, simply based on the Subject line?
  • Something else you do: Open snail-mail over the wastebasket. I say “open” even though you don’t. Based on a glance at each envelope, you decide whether to bother.  So…

Fuss over the Subject line

Tips, from E-Mail Marketing Coach and Constant Contact CEO Gail F. Goodman:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Keep Subject lines under 50 characters, including spaces. A study showed that subject lines with 49 or fewer characters had open rates 12.5 percent higher than those with 50 or more characters.
  • Be specific. “The Green Thumb Newsletter: September 2020” doesn’t convey a benefit. Better: “The Green Thumb: When to Bring Outdoor Plants Inside for the Winter.”
  • Write it last. When you’re done with the body of your email, read it over and pick the nugget that’ll entice your readers to learn more by opening your message.
  • Take some time. Write several — at least three or four — before choosing which to use. Run them by a friend or colleague and see which they think is most compelling.
  • Test it. Got two strong Subject lines? Split your list in half. After a few such tests, you’ll get a sense of what works for your list. And the better you know your audience, the more effectively you can communicate with them.

 Best time to send email: between 8:00 am and noon (recipient’s time zone).

Per a Yahoo Labs data set of 16 billion emails.

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