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Audacy Hosting Infinite Dial Webinar

Audacy is hosting a webinar tomorrow (4/3) to look at data from Edison Research’s latest edition of its Infinite Dial study. The company says, “The Infinite Dial has become a critical resource for understandingim consumer behavior and technology adoption across smart platforms. Marketers and media buyers turn to these insights for important media trends in key channels such as radio, streaming audio, podcasts, social media, and more. Audacy will host a webinar on April 3 with head of research & insights Idil Cakim and Edison Research president Larry Rosin, who will share key trends from The Infinite Dial 2024, including: Media consumption and device adoption, in-car listening habits, podcast trends among key demographic groups, and observations and advertiser insights. Find registration information here.

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Audacy files applications for entry of an order authorizing the retention and employment of four firms with the bankruptcy court. Those include Porter Hedges LLP as co-counsel for the debtors, FTI Consulting Inc as financial advisor to the debtors, PJT Partners LP as investment banker to the debtors, and Latham & Watkins LLP as bankruptcy co-counsel for the debtors and debtors in possession.

Benztown, P1 Media Group, and Global Radio Ideas Facebook Group are hosting a free webinar for radio professionals around the globe, titled, “How Radio Talent Can Survive and Thrive in 2024.” It features special guest Paul Anderson, CEO of Workhouse Media. The 40-minute webinar will be hosted by Benztown CEO Andreas Sannemann and P1 Media Group partner Ken Benson. Get more info and register here.

AUN Television Network president and CEO Rick Trader announces the launch of a 12-part special designed to educate Americans about the Constitution and its amendments. Titled, “Our Country, Our Freedoms, Our Constitution: Lessons for Freedom,” the programs debut on February 4 across the network and its 11 broadcast television stations.

New England Public Media unveils a new, weekly radio show and podcast called, “The Rundown with Carrie Saldo,” that premieres Friday (2/2) 9:00 am to 10:00 am following NPR’s “Morning Edition” on WFCR-FM, Amherst, Massachusetts “88.5 NEPM.” The station says, “Each week, listeners will hear a lively conversation with reporters from newsrooms around western Massachusetts, giving their take on the news and events that shaped the week, and providing analysis, context, insights, and varying perspectives.”

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Edison Research and WorldDAB will present findings from the study “Dashboard Dialogue” in a webinar on January 31 at 9:00 am ET. The webinar will provide an in-depth review of DAB radio’s usability in the car – with videos from consumers detailing their likes and dislikes, plus what they love about radio in the car today. The research was conducted by Edison Research across France, Germany, and the UK. Register for the webinar here.

SiriusXM announces that it will take over New Hampshire’s Red Arrow Diner in Manchester on January 22-23, rebranding it the “SiriusXM Red Arrow Diner” for the special event. Patriot channel host David Webb will broadcast his program live from the diner, which has long been regarded as a can’t-miss stop for candidates along the campaign trail. During the broadcasts Webb will be joined in person by politicians, key campaign surrogates, and top experts.

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Benztown and Envisionwise are hosting a free webinar for radio professionals titled, “Keeping it Real in the Digital Age,” with host Mike McVay, president of McVay Media, and guests Jackie Parks, founder/CEO of Envisionwise; Peter Smyth, former chairman and CEO of Greater Media, Inc; and Sheri Lynch, co-host of “The Bob & Sheri Show.” The 45-minute webinar on Friday (10/6) at 1:00 pm ET will provide specific tools and strategies for increasing stations’ digital revenue. You can register here.

Audacy announces an expansion of its relationship with Puck and the launch of “About a Boy: The Story of Vladimir Putin” – a five-part documentary podcast series exploring the forces that shaped Russian President Vladimir Putin’s childhood (and life) and why it’s critical to understanding what he might do next in the war against Ukraine. The series is written and narrated by Julia Ioffe, Puck founding partner and Washington correspondent, and one of the leading journalists covering Russia and Putin.

Salem Media Group says “Grace and Truth with Owen Strachan” is joining the Salem Podcast Network. Owen Strachan is provost and research professor of Theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary and is the author of 20 books, including his latest, The War on Men: Why Society Hates Them and Why We Need Them (Salem Books, 2023). Salem SVP of spoken word Phil Boyce comments, “Salem Podcast Network continues to add multi-talented podcasters who share our worldview. Owen is an amazing voice for what is true and right in America, and adding him to our platform is a home run. I can’t wait to become a regular listener when he gets started.”

iHeartPodcasts announces the return of the “Work in Progress” podcast for its third season. The program features actor, producer, and activist Sophia Bush and in the first two episodes she interviews former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki along with an interview with actor Matthew McConaughey.

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TALKERS to Present Webinar on Protection Against Ransomware and Other Cyber Attacks for Radio Stations and Media Companies

Ransomware, the most common cyberattack, occurs worldwide more than 37,000 times each hour and the “Business Email Compromise,” a common scam targeting companies, is attempted approximately 156,000 times each day. The cost of these attacks is huge financially, but the losses due to scams and cyberattacks extend far beyond the funds stolen or required to remedy the problems after they occur. Downtime, data depletion, extortion demands, funds stolen by scams, reputation damage, and loss of intellectual property are all sources of extreme damage to media companies and radio stations which can be even worse when you factor in possible legal liability for failure to comply with proper cybersecurity standards. Radio and media companies, large and small, have been particularly hard hit by this growing criminal activity in recent years.

TALKERS, in conjunction with Scamicide (, is presenting an exclusive webinar forim radio and media company personnel focusing on where broadcasters are vulnerable and steps that should be taken to become more secure as well as comply with federal regulations. The 90-minute webinar will take place on Friday, October 20 at 2:00 pm ET.

This information-packed session will be conducted by Scamicide founder and TALKERS legal editor Steven J.J. Weisman, Esq. According to Weisman, “When it comes to the danger radio stations and media companies face from scams and cyberattacks, things aren’t as bad as you think. They are far worse.”

Weisman continues, “Your companies are further vulnerable through the many ‘Internet of Things’ devices, such as your internet connected copier and other devices, remote workers and third-party vendors, all of which become attack vectors. Making the situation even worse is the business model of sophisticated cybercriminals who sell and lease on the ‘Dark Web’ the complex malware they create to less sophisticated cybercriminals and now, through AI and deep fakes, cyberattacks and scams have become more effective.”

Steve Weisman is an attorney and a college professor at Bentley University in Boston where he teaches White Collar Crime and Media Law. He’s a prolific author and one of the country’s leading experts in scams, identity theft, and cybersecurity. Scamicide, which he founded, provides daily updated information about the latest scams, identity theft schemes and cybersecurity developments. Scamicide was named by The New York Times as one of the three best sources of information regarding COVID-related scams. Weisman is a frequent speaker and consultant regarding scams, identity theft, and cybersecurity. He was a consultant in an Equifax data breach class action and more recently advised Meta in regard to scams related to its WhatsApp app.

The cost of attending the webinar is $149 per person. Broadcasters can register by phone only with credit card. To register, call Barbara Kurland at 413-565-5413 or email to receive a quick response.

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Edison Research to Reveal Results of Kids Podcast Listener Report

Edison Research will present a webinar on July 27 at 2:00 pm ET to reveal the results of the  Kids Podcast Listener Report. Edison says, “The Kids Podcast Listener Report reveals attitudes about podcast listening among a nationally representative survey of parents withim children ages 6-12. In addition to parent feedback, the study includes a parent-administered survey of children podcast listeners and is the first-ever comprehensive measurement of the listening habits and preferences of U.S. podcast listeners age 6-12. The webinar will also feature video excerpts from in-home interviews with parents together with their children to highlight what families like about podcasts.”

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Edison Presents 25th Edition of The Infinite Dial Study

Edison Research presented the result of its The Infinite Dial 2023 study during a webinar on Thursday (3/2). It represented the 25th anniversary of the study that Edison says is “the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior in America.” When the study debuted in 1998, 31% of Americans had internet access compared with 95% in 2023. In 1998, half of households had a computer, compared with 91% of Americans inProduct - Font 2023 who carry a computer – a smartphone – with them all the time. Other findings from this year’s edition of the study include: 1) 75% of Americans 12+ have listened to online audio in the last month; 2) Among U.S. adults age 18+ who have ridden in a car in the last month, 37% are listening to online audio in the car, up from 32% last year; 3) 42% of Americans 12+ have listened to a podcast in the last month, a new all-time high and up from 38% in 2022; and 4) 38% of U.S. adults age 18+ who have ridden in a car in the last month say they listen to podcasts in the car, up from 32% in 2022. Edison Research VP Megan Lazovick says, “After two previous annual studies that showed clear effects from the COVID-19 disruptions, the trends in audio and social media habits seem to be back on pattern. The growth of online audio and podcasting to record high levels is exciting to reveal.” See more about the study here.

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VoodooVision Consumer Study Findings Revealed

NuVoodoo Media Services announces that it is releasing the results of its VoodooVision nationwide consumer study in a series of free webinars this month. The study of more than 5,300 respondents between the ages of 14 and 54 is intended to “guide marketers through the myriad options available in the digital media and audio entertainment space.” NuVooDoo says, “The VoodooVision consumer study findings reveal that despite the steady increase of Internet-connected infotainment systems in vehicles, broadcast radio continues to hold itsLogo - Text own. It remains competitive with podcasts and DSPs (Digital Streaming Providers, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and others) when consumers are in vehicles or public transit during the early morning and late afternoon commutes, and on weekends.” Respondents were asked to select a top preference from a list of audio entertainment choices and their top choices were (for morning commuters), broadcast FM/AM radio with 19% of the sample, followed closely by podcasts, with streaming coming in at third. The study indicates the competition is closer during the late afternoon commute, where podcasts and streaming barely eclipse radio as the top choice among commuters at 15% vs. 14% of the sample, respectively. And radio remains competitive as an audio entertainment favorite among listeners on the go during the weekend, sharing the top spot with DSP’s and eking ahead of podcasts. You can register now for one of the two remaining webinars here.

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RTDNA to Present “How to Win a Murrow” Webinar

The RTDNA is presenting a webinar on Tuesday, January 24 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET that answers the question: “Besides doing excellent work, are there things you can do to improve your chances at winning anTrademark - Graphics Edward R. Murrow award?” The webinar is titled “How to Win a Murrow: Tips & Tricks Webinar – All you need to know to win an Edward R. Face - HairMurrow Award. ” It is being presented by RTDNA director of awards programs Kate McGarrity, the RTDNA Awards committee, and experienced Murrow judges and winners. The RTDNA says, “We will answer your questions about the entry process, judging criteria, and how to put your best foot forward with your entries. See what’s new and different for 2023. Learn the secrets of putting together a compelling entry, the most common mistakes to avoid, and judges’ pet peeves. Anyone involved in the entry process will gain valuable insights to get you set up for success this entry season.” You can find out more and register here.

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— Talk radio pro Gary R’Nel is named Saturday afternoon host (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm) on Audacy’s news/talk WPHT, Philadelphia. R’nel tells TALKERS, “I think it’s imperative that talk radio present shows that are entertaining and informative. Connecting with the listener one-on-one in some capacities has become a lost art. Those who do engage are among the most successful.”

Edison Research is presenting its first webinar of the year, “Media Habits of Gen Z,” next Wednesday (1/18) at 1:00 pm ET. Edison says, “This custom study, examining media habits of Gen Z through survey research and qualitative interviews, was originally commissioned by the PRPD and presented at their annual conference recently. The findings are now being made available in a webinar. Discover how Gen Z see themselves, how they consume media, and how they share with their peers.” The webinar is being presented by Edison Research VP Megan Lazovick and senior director of research Gabriel Soto. Register here.

Omaha Productions and ESPN announce the launch of a new podcast called “Lead By Example” hosted by Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations and general manager Bob Myers. The podcast features Myers speaking with leaders in various walks of life – from sports and entrepreneurship to politics and entertainment – to share in their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey. The first guest is Warriors star Stephen Curry and drops on Tuesday (1/17).

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Dave Ramsey Joins RAB’s ‘Radio Works’ Series. The RAB announces that as part of its Radio Works initiative, the next presentation in the series, titled, “Radio Works for Financial Services,” will feature remarks by talk radio star and financial expert Dave Ramsey. RAB says next Wednesday’s webinar “will focus on the expansive financial services category and key segments such as retail banking, investment banking and credit cards with a concentration towards the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2023.” The webinar will also feature Peter Nelson, president of Glenwood State Bank in Minnesota and Chris Uhde, sales manager, Leighton Broadcasting in Alexandra, Minnesota to discuss how the community bank is navigating through the current economic climate, its impact on their customers and radio’s role in their approach. The presentation – free for RAB members – is on November 16 at 1:00 pm ET. You can register here.

FOX Sports Radio Adds ‘The Paulie & Tony Fusco Show’ to Podcast Lineup. The satirical sports talk podcast, “The Paulie & Tony Fusco Show,” joins FOX Sports Radio’s slate of podcasts. FSR says, “Each week on ‘The Paulie & Tony Fusco Show,’ former ‘Herd with Colin Cowherd’ producers Andrew Samson and Sharief Ali hilariously portray die-hard Philadelphia sports fans and ‘legendary’ cable TV stars who think they have the best sports takes when they actually have the worst.” FOX Sports Radio SVP of sports programming Scott Shapiro jokes, “When the Phillies were 21-29, I made a wager that the Phillies wouldn’t make the World Series for another decade. I now significantly regret that ill-advised wager as the result is having to take on this so-called podcast. If you value your time, please DO NOT listen to this podcast.”

College Hoops Star Drew Timme Launches Podcast. A collaborative effort between iHeartMedia’s iHeartPodcasts and the College Athletes Network (CAN) results in the new podcast, “Gimme Timme,” starring Gonzaga basketball star Drew Timme. iHeartMedia says this weekly podcast expands on its partnership with CAN to “bring college sports-centered podcasts hosted by the athletes themselves to fans.” The podcast will also include co-host Noah Buono – a former walk-on at Duquesne University and host of CAN’s “Walkie TalkieZ.” Timme says, “I’m super excited to do this podcast. It’s my senior season and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to take people along for the ride. I love listening to Draymond Green’s podcast. I want my podcast to have the same angle, just from a college perspective. Listeners will get the full Drew experience each and every episode.”

Bob Pittman and Bud Walters Among Honorees at LABF’s Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts. Next Tuesday (11/15) Library of American Broadcasting Foundation presents its “Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts” annual celebration at Gotham Hall in New York City. LABF says the ceremony honors “the distinguished individuals who have – for the past century – been the creators, innovators, journalists, leaders, performers, and producers that have brought the electronic arts to the prominence they occupy in the United States and the world today, and who have set the stage for the future.” Among this year’s group of honorees are radio’s Bob Pittman, chairman & CEO of iHeartMedia, and Bud Walters, president of Cromwell Media. Also being honored are: Sean McManus, chairman of CBS Sports; S. Epatha Merkerson, actress, “Chicago Med,” “Law & Order”; Adam Symson, president & CEO, The E.W. Scripps Company; Peter Williams, justice correspondent (Ret.), NBC News; Fareed Zakaria, CNN anchor, author, columnist for The Washington Post; and Julia Child, TV chef, (posthumously).

RAB Board of Directors Elects New Directors for 2023. The Radio Advertising Bureau announces the results of its Fall Board of Directors meeting in Chicago on November 1-2. Newly elected officers include Chair: Jeff Warshaw, chief executive officer, Connoisseur Media; Vice Chair: Erik Hellum, chief operating officer, Townsquare Media; Finance Chair: Sabina Widmann, president, regional general manager, TelevisaUnivision; Secretary: Mike Dowdle, executive vice president of business affairs, Bonneville International; Immediate Past Chair: Mike Hulvey, chief executive officer, Neuhoff Media.  Warshaw says, “I am proud to serve as the RAB chair and further support the organization and the industry as we continue to advocate for radio.” Joining the RAB board of directors are David Bevins, Connoisseur Media, Felipe Chávez, Bustos Media, Julie Koehn, Lenawee Broadcasting Company and Kevin Perry, Perry Publishing & Broadcasting. Jonathan Brewster of El Dorado Broadcasters will be rejoining the board. Exiting the board are Keith Lawless, formerly at Cox Media Group, Art Rowbotham, Hall Communications, Inc., Jeff Smulyan, Emmis Communications and Pat Walsh, Emmis Communications.

TeshMedia and Compass Media Networks Expand Their Relationship. The two organizations announce that they are expanding their long-standing partnership. Compass Media Networks will now manage affiliate sales, in addition to continuing as The TeshMedia Group’s exclusive advertising representative for the full array of The TeshMedia Group’s audio brands. John Tesh says, “For nearly a decade we have trusted our friend, Peter Kosann, and Compass Media Networks for our advertising sales. And so, it only makes sense that we would take the next step and partner with Compass’ awesome affiliate relations team to help us super-serve our stations.” Kosann comments, “TeshMedia is a unique treasure to the radio industry – delivering unique, compelling, exclusive, and awesome content that drives ratings and revenues for affiliates. We are extremely proud and humbled to expand this wonderful relationship with Connie, Gib, John and their full team of producers and writers.”

TALKERS News Notes. Connecticut talk radio host Lisa Wexler is returning to her program at Connoisseur Media’s news/talk WICC-AM, Bridgeport after her leave to run for re-election for probate judge in Connecticut’s Westport-Weston District. Wexler won the race with 72% of the vote. Interestingly, she ran this time as a Democrat after having previously won three elections as a Republican in the same district. Connoisseur Media SVP Kristin Okesson says, “We congratulate Lisa on her re-election as probate judge and are looking forward to having Lisa back on-air after this brief election hiatus. Our listening community has clearly missed her on WICC.”…..Benztown announces that it is appointing Leon McWhorter as head writer. The company says, “McWhorter is the newest addition to Benztown and client partner Yamanair Creative’s writers’ room, serving commercial production clients across the U.S. He will report to MJ Bloch, Benztown’s East Coast director of commercial production, and Darren Silva, West Coast director of commercial production.

Midterm Election Results, Trump 2024 Presidential Bid, The Economy, Elon Musk & Twitter, Russia-Ukraine War, and Hurricane Nicole Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (11/9). The results of the midterm elections and the Georgia runoff election that may determine control of the U.S. Senate; former President Donald Trump’s expected announcement that he’ll run for president in 2024; inflation and concerns about a recession; the chaos surrounding Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter; Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the impact on Europe’s winter energy crisis; and Hurricane Nicole makes landfall in Florida among top news/talk stories yesterday, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.