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NYC Radio Committee Touts Success of Image Campaign

The New York City Radio Committee, a joint partnership of New York City radio broadcasters iHeartMedia, Spanish Broadcasting SystemSalem Media GroupMedia Co., Univision, and Audacy announce the completion of a successful campaign designed to promote the power of radio advertising agencies and advertising executives. The multi-media “Fall in Love with Radio” campaign ran from mid-September to the endLogo - Font of November during which more than 2,800 radio spots were broadcast on 21 of the most popular stations in NYC. The campaign included digital and social media marketing, trade press, and signage at venues during Advertising Week in New York City. According to independent brand lift analysis by DYNATA, ad professionals who saw or heard the campaign were 29% more likely to consider radio for their media Audacy - WINScampaigns compared to those that had not seen the campaign. Of those that saw the campaign, 82% said they were somewhat/extremely likely to consider using radio for their next campaign compared to 53% of respondents who did not see the campaign. Audacy New York market president and NYC Radio Committee chair Chris Oliviero says, “The outstanding results of the campaign prove when we tell our story, with data and creativity, that radio can substantially enhance its position with advertising professionals. While radio continues to earn its place as an essential part of any media plan, we still must communicate our benefits and invite more marketing partners to collaborate together. This innovative multi-platform outreach accomplished just that. My appreciation to all my colleagues in New York City, across several ownership groups, who came together with a commitment to make ‘Fall in Love with Radio’ a success.”


Monday Memo: Identify ‘Piano Movers’

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — Question for sales reps…and Side-Hustle Alert for talent: What is difficult for most people but comes easy to you?

  • Example: Piano movers. My brother-in-law, an engineer with a 4-digit IQ, moved one from room-to-room at home; and it was an intricate daylong maneuver involving skateboards and cinderblocks that no mere mortal should attempt. Somehow, he and my nephew pulled it off.
  • Example: My dentist sent me to another dentist, in the same building, for a root canal. My guy knows how to do one, and had previously done one for me in a pinch. But that doc upstairs does nothing-but. She has super-microscopic eyewear and other specialty instruments.