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ENCO, Benztown and Compass Partner with vCreative for SPECai Integration

ENCO Systems, Inc., Benztown, Compass Media Networks, and vCreative announce that they have entered into an innovative new partnership to bring SPECai, the leading AI spec ad service, to vCreative’s customers by integrating SPECai into its suite of creative workflow platforms for broadcasters. For stations affiliated with both vCreative and SPECai, the integration will streamline the process of requesting a spec spot, as well as save time. Account executives can prepare for client meetings ahead of time, or be ready to create on the spot, by utilizing the integration to select the SPECai option from within the vPPO or vProMedia order form to create compelling spec spots to present to their clients. SPECai is a game-changer for media organizations and their sales reps, allowing them to create spec commercials in seconds using AI right in front of clients. SPECai blends AI scripts and AI voices with Benztown music beds to easily create fully produced spec commercials in seconds.