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Benztown will release the 10th Annual Benztown 50 List of Radio’s Biggest Imaging Voices, “the radio industry’s exclusive listing of the top 50 voiceover artists in the U.S. and Canada.” The Benztown 50 list is based on several criteria, including number of radio station affiliates, station size and market. Benztown has partnered with P1 Media Group to compile and analyze industry data that will be the foundation for this distinction. Apply now through March 1. Voice talent can apply here.

Syndicated Solutions, Inc celebrates its 25th Anniversary. The company was founded in February 1999 by Robert Carey and has successfully syndicated many radio shows over the years, including the current travel show “RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa,” and the “Rick & Bubba Show” that is in the process of being transitioned into “The Rick Burgess Show.” Carey says, “It’s incredibly gratifying to have incubated SSI from a business trip conversation with George Green while working for Disney/ABC and successfully growing it into the company that SSI became for so many of our operating years, as well as the evolution into the more focused firm that we are today.”

FOX Sports Radio’s “The Paulie and Tony Fusco Show” was awarded the 2024 Sports Podcast Award for “Best Sports Comedy,” from The Sports Podcast Group. “The Paulie and Tony Fusco Show” is a satire of sports talk radio and “hot take” media personalities. It is written, produced, and hosted by veteran sports talk producers Andrew Samson and Sharief Ali, who play two Philadelphia Eagles fans who claim to have the “smartest” sports takes, when in reality their takes are terrible.