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UNESCO Offering Radio Broadcasters License-Free Series of “World Radio Day 2024” 60-second Vignettes

World Radio Day 2024 (WRD 2024) takes place on February 13 and TALKERS encourages its subscribers to get involved and take advantage of its many resources. Among these elements, broadcasters around the globe are invited to tap into a set of preproduced “World Radio Day Minutes” – a series of 20 one-minute vignettes exploring and celebrating radio’s past, present and future being made available license-free by the United Nations. Stations, networks and shows can run these in any way they choose as a promotion for radio either commercial-free or attach them to sponsorships by local advertisers. The produced versions in English feature the voices of Michael Harrison and noted commentator Victoria Jones (of DC Radio Company). Unvoiced scripts are available for broadcasters who choose to produce their own versions of these vignettes. Subjects include the invention, history and influence of radio – suitable for every format. Harrison, who has served as executive advisor to the UN for World Radio Day 2024 and wrote the vignettes, says, “The UN’s endorsement of radio as a vital platform for the 21st century by devoting an ‘official day’ honoring it is a welcome credential underscoring the ongoing viability of the medium on a global level. It is to the advantage of every radio broadcaster in America to get on board with this.” The theme of this year’s edition of World Radio Day is “A Century Informing, Educating, and Entertaining.” Hear and download these 20 one-minute produced programs and scripts here.