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Thursday is Giving Day for Broadcasters Foundation

This Thursday (7/20) is the Broadcasters Foundation of America Giving Day – “a day for everyone in radio and television to come together as one community to support colleagues, across every position, in need of financial assistance due to critical illness, accident, or disaster.”  The BFoA says the campaign also strives to raise awareness of the Broadcasters Foundation to ensure that anyone in radio and television who mightim qualify for aid knows about its charitable mission and can apply. BFoA president Tim McCarthy adds, “Giving Day is an opportunity for everyone in radio and television to help our colleagues. As broadcasters, we are storytellers. Whether behind the scenes in marketing, sales, or administration, part of the production team, or on-air talent, everyone in the radio and television broadcasting profession has a common goal: to share vital stories with their communities. But who is there to help these essential community members when a natural disaster strikes, or an illness disrupts a family’s financial security and safety? The Broadcasters Foundation of America’s unique mission is to support our professional community during these hard times, when our colleagues are unable to work and struggling to pay basic living expenses.” Visit the BFoA’s donation page for more information.