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New Jim Peters Talk Show to Take Live Video Phone Calls

Former Conk News editor-in-chief Jim Peters announces that he is launching a new live video talk show, “Jim Peters At Night,” at 11:00 PM ET on July 31 that will broadcast simultaneously on 10 platforms and networks. Peter says, “There’s nothing new about what I’m doing. There are hundreds of people doing it on Twitch everyim night. But they’re all pretty much just talking to their friends. Ours might be the first ‘professional’ talk show that will take spontaneous video phone calls and only video phone calls from the public.” Peters goes on to say, “When I started this project, I decided I was going to go wherever the prevailing technology took me. Although I’ve hosted several television talk shows in the past, I’m a radio guy at heart. So, we started with a live audio show… but it’s currently way easier to do live video than live audio. So, then it became a radio show with a video feed, and standard phone call-in. But when I realized that we could take video phone calls, I said screw it, let’s get real: it’s a TV show – with the public joining in, on the screen.” Peters’ new program will debut on Rumble, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, OnlyFans, Odysee, Telegram & Trovo, and audio-only on Podbean Live.