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Edison Research’s Top Podcasts for October ‘22 – March ‘23

Edison Research publishes its latest podcast rankings from October 2022 through March 2023 based on weekly reach among those age 13+. Edison notes that the top four podcasts in this list of 50 did not change from its previous ranker. Those are: 1) The Joe Rogan Experience; 2) Crime Junkie; 3) The Daily; 4) Thisim American Life. Other radio related podcasts that placed in the top 50 include “The Ben Shapiro Show” (#8), “The Ramsey Show” (#17), and “The Dan Bongino Show” (#25). The latest ranker from Edison Podcast Metrics shows the Top 50 Podcasts based on weekly audience reach and reflects two significant updates to the service that were implemented last year. The sample has been expanded to include weekly podcast listeners age 13-17. This measurement allows podcast producers and networks to understand the teen segment of the Gen Z podcast listeners. The ranker also includes increased sample size, which allows for more recency in reporting and robust cuts of data. The latest ranker includes measurement from the previous two quarters with a total sample size of 10,797 weekly podcast listeners age 13+.