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Boston Sports Talker Tony Massarotti Apologizes for Racist Joke

Tony Massarotti – one half of the afternoon drive duo of “Felger and Mazz” on Beasley Media Group’s WBZ-FM, Boston “98.5 The Sports Hub” – apologized yesterday (2/20) for the racially “insensitive” and “hurtful” comments he made on Friday’s program. The Boston Herald reports that Massarotti’s co-host Mike Felger wasMichael Felger - WBZ-FM broadcasting remotely from a business center in a New Orleans hotel in which two Black people were sitting behind him. Referencing a previous trip to New Orleans in which Felger’s vehicle was stolen, Massarotti asked Felger if the two could hear him and when Felger replied that they couldn’t, he said, “OK, so I would be careful if I were you because the last time you were around a couple of guys like that, they stole your car.” During his apology on Monday, Massarotti said he gets why the joke, intended to be poking fun at Felger, was wrong. “It didn’t come off that way. It came off as something far broader and ignorant, and I’m regretful of that… I sincerely apologize, and I will do my best to make sure it never happens again.”Read the story in the Boston Herald.