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Driven by Talk Radio, Gunhill Road Song “Idiots” Continues to Resonate on Internet

The sharply satirical song “Idiots” from the forthcoming fifth album by heritage rock band Gunhill Road continues to gather an international following on the internet.  Released in August 2022, the music video of the catchy song passed the 70,000 unique views mark this weekend on YouTube – making it the most-listened-to song in the 53 year old band’s colorful history since its 1973 hit single “Back When My Hair Was Short” (also a provocative social commentary).  TALKERS founder Michael Harrison, who along with Steve Goldrich, Paul Reich and Brian Koonin, is a member of Gunhill Road and co-writer/lead vocalist for “Idiots,” says, “We are so grateful to talk radio for embracing this song and giving it an amazing amount of airplay – either in snippets or the entire piece – that has driven interest in the song, downloads on the internet and views of the video.  Fortunately, the words and theme of ‘Idiots’ ties into talk radio’s topic menu, psyche and environment in a non-partisan, ‘equal opportunity offender’ way. I mean, who can stand the negative impact that widespread idiocy is having on our society, culture and democracy?”  To view the “Idiots” music video, please click here. To arrange having Michael Harrison as a guest, please email