Save a Life, Maybe Your Own

By Jon Quick


CARMEL, Ind. — I usually write about programming in this space. Today I am writing about a promotional idea that can result in extraordinary returns. It saves lives. I also have an ulterior motive.

Consider teaming up with a local hospital or medical group and do a health fair. Offer free admission to your listeners. Give them information on healthy eating, ways to quit smoking, the best exercise, cholesterol and other on-site testing and demonstrations. Not an original idea, of course, but one worth doing on a regular basis. There are also many programming and sponsorship opportunities here.

A Key Element

Be sure that a key element of your event is information about the importance of a heart scan. This is a reliable and quite accurate way to help determine if you are at a high risk of heart attack or heart disease. If caught early, treatment is available, and a deadly heart attack can be avoided.

Many hospitals advertise them as “the $49 heart scan.” Even though you think you are in great physical shape, have a perfect EKG, and other positive testing, you still might have dangerous calcium buildup causing blockages in the arteries that lead to your heart. This is a quick and easy way to discover your risk factors.

Much of it may have to do with hereditary factors. Other times it’s the result of just not taking care of yourself over the years including eating the wrong foods, lack of exercise, and smoking. You’ll be in and out of in less than a half an hour with your results in hand.  It could save your life.

It did mine. I had no symptoms. It was a complete surprise. All other tests were normal. I felt generally good. However, there is a lot of heart disease in my family. Heredity factors are very common with heart issues.

Five weeks ago now I had quadruple bypass heart surgery. The heart scan showed serious blockages in several of my arteries. My risk for a heart attack was extremely high. Thanks to a major local heart hospital, they caught this on time. I am now home and well on the way to recovery.

I urge everyone to get this test. Often thought of as something unique to men, heart disease is, in fact. the leading cause of death for women in the United States.

Catch it Early

If you have abnormal results there is treatment available. It might be simple lifestyle changes. Depending on the extent of your results, today there is a less invasive option done with a catheter to clear those arteries. Patients generally walk out of the hospital the same day.  Or you may need open heart surgery with a longer recovery period.  Your doctor determines the extent of your treatment.

It could mean a new lease on life. The alternative is a massive heart attack with very poor odds of survival.

Save some lives. Get this test. Urge others to get it.

Oddly, most insurance does not cover it. Probably because it’s an elective procedure.  But get the test anyway. Pay for it out of pocket.  Give yourself peace of mind. It might be the most important Investment of your lifetime.

Jon Quick has worked with many great radio brands in his career, including WCCO, WIBC, KFGO, KTAR, KLBJ, KFTK, and Corus Entertainment, Canada.  Today he specializes in consulting and talent coaching for brands nationwide.  He can be reached at 317-432-0309, or