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TALKERS magazine Publishes the 2024 Heavy Hundred

TALKERS magazine publishes the 2024 edition of our long-running feature the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America, also known as the Heavy Hundred. Talk hosts making this prestigious list are nominated and voted on by the TALKERS magazine editorial board based on hard and soft factors including (in alphabetical order): courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent, and uniqueness. TALKERS editors acknowledge that compiling this annual list is as much art as science and that results are arguable. TALKERS magazine VP/executive editor Kevin Casey says, “Putting together this list of the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America never gets any easier. The number of hard-working talk radio hosts across the country make winnowing this down to merely 100 a painstaking task. That said, the editorial board believes this year’s Heavy Hundred truly reveals a snapshot of the makeup of the American talk radio industry in 2024. Congratulations to those hosts making this year’s Heavy Hundred.” See the list here.

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Monday Memo: ChatGPT – Threat and Tool

By Holland Cooke

imAfter post-consolidation cutbacks have whacked local on-air content, there’s now angst that Artificial Intelligence can – literally – dehumanize radio (and other media – HUGE issue in the SAG-AFTRA strike). Voice cloning is child’s play; and several vendors are already peddling AI gimmicks to radio stations.

Glass-half-full: When I asked, “How talk radio hosts and DJs can use ChatGPT to prepare shows,” the robot replied instantly…

“Talk radio hosts and DJs can leverage ChatGPT to enhance their show preparation, generate engaging content, and connect with their audience more effectively. Here’s a guide on how they can use ChatGPT effectively:

— Show Topic Generation: Use ChatGPT to brainstorm and generate unique and interesting show topics. Input keywords related to your show’s theme or current events to get topic suggestions.

— Content Research: Ask ChatGPT to provide background information on a particular topic or guest. It can summarize recent news, provide historical context, or even suggest relevant questions.

— Interview Preparation: Use ChatGPT to generate interview questions and talking points. Input information about your guest or their expertise, and ChatGPT can help you create a list of thoughtful and engaging questions.


— Script Writing: When scripting segments or promotional materials, you can collaborate with ChatGPT to draft scripts. It can provide creative ideas for introductions, transitions, and promotional announcements.

— Audience Engagement: Ask ChatGPT to generate polls, questions, or discussion points to engage with your audience during live shows. It can also help create intriguing teasers to promote upcoming segments.

— Fact-Checking: Use ChatGPT to fact-check information before presenting it on air. This ensures the accuracy of your content and maintains your credibility.

— Content Expansion: If you need to expand on a topic or provide additional information during a show, ChatGPT can help by generating elaborative content or explanations.

— Generating Show Summaries: After the show, ChatGPT can assist in creating summaries or show notes for your listeners, making it easier for them to catch up on missed episodes.

— Storytelling and Narration: DJs can use ChatGPT to help craft engaging stories or narratives to share with their audience, making their radio shows more entertaining and relatable.

— Creative Segment Ideas: Ask ChatGPT for creative ideas for segments, games, or challenges to keep your show fresh and exciting.

— Language Assistance: For DJs hosting shows in multiple languages, ChatGPT can help with translation, pronunciation, and language learning, ensuring smooth communication.

— Show Promotion: Collaborate with ChatGPT to create compelling social media posts, newsletters, or blog content to promote your shows and engage with your audience online.

— Handling Caller Questions: If you take live caller questions, ChatGPT can assist in formulating responses or clarifying complex issues for your callers.

— Real-Time Updates: For breaking news or sudden changes, ChatGPT can provide real-time updates and help you adapt your show’s content on the fly.”

Remember how those Terminator movies warned-against SkyNet A.I. becoming self-aware? While there’s no question that ChatGPT is the cure for writer’s block, its response ended with some impressive self-awareness, a reminder that YOU are the author of your show: “Remember to review and edit the content generated by ChatGPT to ensure it aligns with your show’s tone, style, and audience preferences. ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for radio hosts and DJs, streamlining the preparation process and enhancing the overall quality of their shows.”

Holland Cooke ( is a consultant working at the intersection of broadcasting and the Internet. He is the author of “Confidential: Negotiation Checklist for Weekend Talk Radio;” and “Close Like Crazy: Local Direct Leads, Pitches & Specs That Earned the Benjamins.” Follow HC on Twitter @HollandCooke

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Pending Business: When it Matters Most

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imIt may seem impossible, but you need to stay in your lane.

As we live through another dark chapter in world history, staying focused on what we do in sales and marketing will be a nearly impossible challenge. We live in a 24/7, always-on world constantly updating everything from everywhere.

As we work on the sales, marketing and management side, the news/talk and information programming side are in hyper mode logging on, weighing in, competing to never miss a beat. I remember when time stood still as the events of 9/11 shocked the world and time stood still. Talk radio hosts, producers and news departments tried their best to digest the events and offer some level of understanding to a listening audience. For the first time ever, the mainland of the United States of America had been attacked.

And here we are, frozen again. This time the events unfolded halfway around the world. Once again shock, unspeakable actions, thousands of innocent deaths, massive destruction. If you have been doing this long enough, we do have some level of experience with shocking events.

Once again, our talk radio hosts, producers and news teams will be a go-to source for millions of listeners across the country. How do we stay focused, selling, marketing, prospecting as local communities react to all this that is unfolding halfway around the world?

— Our thoughts and prayers are with those in harm’s way. As difficult as it may be, try and keep the opinionated politics away from your sales process.

— Keep the conversation neutral. A challenge for sure. If you are prepared there’s always positive to bring to your sales call.

— The calendar never quits. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, are all around the corner and with that a last-minute marketing opportunity.

— Why are 66% of the U.S. adults over 40 overweight?  Blame the men, we always skew those numbers. Just helping with a little small talk …

As challenging as the next few days and weeks may become, your news/talk radio station will become an important resource for adults on the go who need to know. As you formulate your presentations, stay focused on the unique benefits only your radio station’s lineup can deliver in times of crisis. Your on-air talent have earned the trust of the audience the old-fashioned way…. by being there when it mattered most.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

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Pending Business: Thank You, Mr. President

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imHow about a collective “thank you” to the 45th president of the United States for keeping your talk radio programming relevant, timely, unpredictable and most of all engaging?

The interpretation, speculation and compilation of facts, opinions and reporting will be non-stop until this chapter of the news cycle meets the next chapter. This is a never-ending saga that keeps the dial locked into your talk radio frequency. This is the content that keeps the electronic water cooler crowded with listeners who can’t get enough.

Whatever comes next in this chapter of history unfolding in front of our collective ears and eyes is the oxygen that keeps the talk radio world alive and well every day. By the way, the 45th president of the United States just may have pulled your typically soft talk radio summer sales out of the basement and pushed you into an express elevator to the penthouse.

Are you still feeling the drumbeat of the naysayers predicting how talk radio will age out? Or better yet, run its course? My prediction is talk radio is about enter a phase previously unmatched in American broadcast history. Seriously. When was the last time a former president of the United States owned the headlines and collective headspace of talk radio hosts and listeners worldwide for so many years? Never.

Let’s get ready to refresh our summer vacation schedules, seasonal sales packages, rates, and most of all strategies. Start here:

— Sell the concept. Leave the opinions and banter about indictments, politics and the law to your on-air talent. Focus instead on the unique value of the engaged audience.

— Experts are important. Chances are your talk radio hosts will be smart enough to break down the issues and lean on experts to help the audience understand the ramifications. Credibility and consistency can make your coverage stand apart. Show your advertiser what makes your coverage different and better.

— Talk radio goes where TV and video can’t – the car, the beach, even the backyard. Sell the need to know on the go.

— Unfolding the unpredictable. Your listeners want the “inside scoop” on what the next chapter of this saga looks like. Your on-air talent look for every opportunity to give their listeners a peek behind the opinion curtain. The seller’s job is to bring the value of that connection to life on every sales call.

Talk radio is alive and well every day. It’s up to you to show your advertisers the value of instant access to a trusted voice.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

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The 2023 Heavy Hundred to Be Published on June 14

The TALKERS magazine editorial board announces that the 2023 edition of its annual feature the 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America – also known as the Heavy Hundred – will be published on Wednesday, June 14. This annual ranking of talk radio hosts is undertaken by TALKERS editors, with inputim from industry leaders, and is based on a combination of hard and soft factors including courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent, and uniqueness. Candidates for the Heavy Hundred must be working a regularly scheduled professional show on the air at a minimum of one terrestrial or satellite radio station at the time of publication. TALKERS magazine executive editor Kevin Casey says, “This feature remains one of the most challenging undertakings for the editors. There are so many quality talk radio hosts working at stations in major markets all the way down to the smallest outlets serving intimate communities. Winnowing that field to the ‘100 most important’ is very difficult, but it is a challenge we take very seriously. We’re excited to publish this year’s Heavy Hundred and to congratulate those fine hosts who’ve made the list.”

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Pending Business: The News Cycle

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

Photography - BroadcastingIt is an unpredictable thing, this news cycle that drives the headlines.

One day we’re talking about the shortcomings in the American banking system, the next day we’re talking about the ramifications of criminally indicting a past president of the United States. Will somebody please grab a copy of the Constitution? We may need a panel of experts to talk us through what this all means to those of us paying crazy prices for eggs.

The news cycle is spinning faster these days and your news/talk programming should prove to be the go-to source to take a short break from March Madness and slow the news cycle down. Please do not be sidetracked about selling through the negativity that may accompany many of these story lines. As a seller or sales manager, your singular objective is to connect the value of an engaged audience to match your advertiser’s goals, moving the sales process to a natural, positive conclusion. In plain English, stay focused on the goal and close your deals. Let’s review some basics.

— Complex issues are nothing new. Your tenured talk radio hosts have built their careers by helping loyal listeners gain a better understanding of the headlines driving the news cycle.

— Loyalty is the key. Like it or not, criminally indicting a former president of the United States has never happened before. It is complicated to say the least and your audience will trust your on-air talents to present the facts, opinions, and discussion. What does it all mean to me? The audience has been here before and chances are your on-air talent has delivered the clarity and focus they needed when it counted the most.

— Community check-in. Talk radio is the #1 source for your audience to get a better feel for how the community is reacting. That electronic, now digital water cooler is in overdrive. What is everyone thinking?

— The unfolding drama. Let’s face it, we all have an opinion and we all enjoy speculating on what’s next. Talk radio is the perfect forum where your audience will weigh in every day.

When your talk show hosts are front and center, doing what they do best in a meaningful and entertaining way, your advertisers experience the benefits of what only your great talk radio hosts can deliver.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

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Monday, November 7, 2022

Beasley Broadcast Group Q3 Net Revenue Rises 1.5%. Financial data from Beasley Broadcast Group’s third quarter of 2022 reveals net revenue of $63.8 million – an increase of 1.5% over the same period in 2021. The company reports operating income of $4.7 million in the third quarter of 2022 compared to $4.9 million in the third quarter of 2021. It says this slight decrease was driven by a $1.2 million increase in corporate expenses related to investments in its digital business as well as severance expense, partially offset by a year-over-year increase in Station Operating Income (SOI, a non-GAAP financial measure). Beasley reports net income of $500,000 compared to the net loss of $1.6 million it reported during the same period a year ago. Station operating income increased by 5.1% to $12.3 million in the third quarter of 2022, up from $11.7 million in the third quarter of 2021. The company says the increase is primarily attributable to higher net revenue, which more than offset higher operating expenses. Chief executive officer Caroline Beasley says, “Beasley delivered another strong period of operating and financial performance, reflecting the ongoing success of our digital transformation and revenue diversification strategies. Top-line growth was the primary factor contributing to a 5.1% year-over-year increase in SOI to $12.3 million and was driven by continued strength in local audio advertising and impressive growth in our digital business. Regarding the economic environment, like many companies, we are managing through some challenging market conditions with a focus on what we can control. We continue to experience increased volatility in national spot advertising, which accounted for approximately 15% of our third quarter net revenues. The ongoing strength of our digital and local audio advertising revenues is helping us to partially offset these declines. We are also taking actions on the expense side, and have implemented approximately $10 million in expense reductions, of which roughly half were from a reduction to headcount. Digital remains a key component of our revenue diversification strategy. Digital revenue increased 23.1% year-over-year representing 16% of total third quarter revenues, while our digital margin improved. Our digital performance benefitted from a first full quarter contribution from the white label digital agency we acquired in late June, which we believe will continue to accelerate our digital revenue growth and provide meaningful synergies with our growing digital platform. In both the second and third quarters, digital revenue accounted for a larger share of our revenue than national advertising, and we expect this revenue source to continue offsetting national spot weakness in the coming quarters. Total outstanding debt as of September 30, 2022 was $290 million. In summary, we believe these results demonstrate the strength and relevance of our industry-leading audio and digital content, as well as our teams’ extraordinary efforts to serve our listeners, customers and communities through challenging circumstances. And while we cannot control how the economic situation evolves in the coming months, we have already taken decisive steps to mitigate the impact of near-term headwinds and drive continued progress against our long-term growth strategy. Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on maximizing our growth opportunities, managing our expenses and capital structure, serving our audiences and advertisers and delivering results for our stockholders.”

Monday Memo: Your Podcast ‘Bones.’ Like your on-air work, your podcast is a show. And consultant Holland Cooke figures that “as a professional broadcaster, you enter the on-demand audio arena advantaged over others…BUT…” In this week’s column, HC cautions that – given the way podcasts are consumed – your format is critical. Read it here.


Greg Renoe Promoted to Market Manager for Cumulus Columbia/Jefferson City. The company promotes Greg Renoe from his general sales manager position with the Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri clusters to vice president and market manager. The station groups consist of news/talk KFRU, Columbia and news/talk KLIK, Jefferson City plus five music brands. Cumulus Media SVP of operations Mark Sullivan says, “Greg’s long-standing relationships with our staff, key advertisers, and civic leaders, together with his deep knowledge of the market and effectiveness as a leader, have earned him this promotion. I look forward to his continued success with our organization in Middle Missouri.” Renoe adds, “I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead the Cumulus team here in Middle Missouri. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead and sharing in many successes with my co-workers. There is no end to what we can accomplish together with our collective vision for these incredible assets.”

iHeartMedia Names Doug Hall Digital PD for LA and SF. Digital media pro Doug Hall is named regional digital program director for iHeartMedia’s Los Angeles and San Francisco clusters. Hall has been serving with the national iHeartRadio team as a senior digital director out of the Nashville headquarters. In this new role, Hall will be responsible for the strategy, audience growth, and maximizing iHeartMedia’s digital platforms in these markets. Hall will report to John Peake, SVP of programming for iHeartMedia Los Angeles. Peake says, “Our iconic Los Angeles audio brands and on-air talent are the engines that are driving unprecedented digital growth. I’ve watched Doug grow and evolve from his time in promotions to leading winning teams in San Francisco, Miami and Nashville. We are fortunate to have him leading our LA digital efforts and rejoining the team in San Francisco.” Hall comments, “I’m excited for this full circle moment, coming back to Los Angeles, where it all started. I can’t wait to dive in and help both our Los Angeles and San Francisco markets continue to grow and innovate in the digital space.”

Megan Marcus Returns to Paramount as VP of Podcast Editorial. Producer and journalist Megan Marcus is named vice president of podcast editorial at Paramount where she will oversee content for CBS News’ slate of podcasts. In this new role, Marcus will oversee the full creative slate for CBS News podcasts in addition to working on editorial across all Paramount global podcasts. This marks a return to CBS News for Marcus, who produced the first two seasons of Mo Rocca’s award-winning podcast “MOBITUARIES” and also worked closely with the CBS News team. Paramount EVP of podcasting and audio Steve Raizes says, “Megan is a dynamic producer and leader in the podcasting field. She did an incredible job guiding ‘MOBITUARIES’ to the top of the podcast charts and is already at work on our current and future slate of CBS News Audio properties.”

Broadcasters Foundation of America Launches Year-End Giving Campaign. The Broadcasters Foundation of America is launching its annual year-end giving campaign. The appeal asks for tax-deductible donations to provide financial assistance to people in broadcasting whose lives have been shattered by debilitating illness, accident, or catastrophe. BFoA president Tim McCarthy says, “Our grantees are your colleagues. They are hard-working men and women who through no fault of their own need our help. Requests for aid continue to increase every year. We cannot turn our backs on those in our industry who need our help.” This year, the Broadcasters Foundation will award close to $2 million in monthly and one-time emergency grants. Since 2017, monthly grants have increased 70% and more than 600 emergency grants have been awarded. Over the past 20 years, the Broadcasters Foundation has distributed more than $15 million to broadcasters in need. Broadcasters Foundation board of directors chairman Scott Herman adds, “Disaster often strikes without notice and extreme circumstances can deplete a life’s savings quickly. We need everyone in radio and TV to spread the word about the Foundation’s charitable mission across their station and company, in case they or someone they know needs our help.” More information, including how to make a personal or corporate donation or apply for aid is available at, and by contacting the Foundation at 212-373-8250 or</p

Midterm Elections/Trump in 2024, The Economy, Russia-Ukraine War, Elon Musk & Twitter, Daylight Saving Time Controversy, Astros Win World Series, and Powerball Jackpot Among Top News/Talk Stories Over the Weekend. Tuesday’s midterm elections and the battle for control of the House and Senate, combined with expectations that Donald Trump will announce his bid for the 2024 Republican nomination shortly; inflation and concerns about a recession; Russia’s targeting of Ukraine’s infrastructure as the war grinds on; Elon Musk’s mercurial leadership tactics as owner of Twitter; the debate over Daylight Saving Time and whether to make it permanent in the U.S.; the Houston Astros beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series; and the now $1.9 billion Powerball jackpot were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio over the weekend, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.

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Friday, September 2, 2022

NOW POSTED: This Weekend’s Installment of “The Michael Harrison Wrap: An Overview of the National Conversation.” The latest installment of the one-hour weekend special, “The Michael Harrison Wrap,” that looks back each week at the hottest topics discussed in American talk media per the research of TALKERS, is now posted. This new episode titled, “Dirty Water & Laundry,” looks back at this past week of 8/29 to 9/2. The program features guests (in order of appearance): Kevin Casey, executive editor, TALKERS; Harry Hurley, host, WPG, Atlantic City; Michael Riedel, host, WOR, New York; Daliah Wachs, M.D., host, Genesis Communications NetworkSteve Weisman, law professor, Bentley University, Boston/founder,; and Beth Troutman, host, WBT, Charlotte. The show airs weekends (Friday evenings to Sunday nights) on almost 100 broadcast signals and networks across the U.S. and U.K as well as having developed a significant international following as a podcast. To listen to this week’s episode, please click here. To view the latest TALKERS topic research, please click here. “The Michael Harrison Wrap” is available in syndication via Talk Media Network to stations across America on a market exclusive basis. For affiliation information, please click here or call 616-884-8616.

Salem Announces Talk Hosts Fall Tour of Battleground States. The second half of October will see the Salem Media Group talk radio hosts tour the battleground states to “assist listeners and voters to understand how important it is that they get out to vote as well as vote with an understanding of the issues, and the candidates that will be leading our government.” Dubbed the Battleground Talkers Tour 2022, Salem hosts Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Mike Gallagher, Eric Metaxas, Brandon Tatum, and Hugh Hewitt will hit tour stops in Tampa on October 16, Orlando on October 17, Atlanta on October 18, Philadelphia on October 19, Pittsburgh on October 20, Columbus on October 21, Cleveland on October 22, and Phoenix on October 23 where Salem news/talk stations will host the events. Hosts will broadcast their radio and TV shows from many of these cities. Salem Media Group SVP of spoken word Phil Boyce comments, “I do not think we have ever seen the kind of energy and excitement that we have witnessed now building up to the November 2022 election. Getting our hosts in front of our listeners and viewers and encouraging them to vote wisely is something each of our hosts is passionate about doing. There has never been a more important mid-term election than this one, and Salem is thrilled to be front and center, leading the charge.”

Ronnie Bloodworth Named Area President for iHeartMedia’s Mid-South Region. Radio management pro Ronnie Bloodworth is promoted to area president for iHeartMedia’s Mid-South region that encompasses Alabama, Mississippi, and Memphis, effective immediately. Bloodworth has been serving as market president for Mobile, Biloxi and Pensacola. In this new role, he’ll be responsible for oversight of stations in Birmingham, Gadsden, Huntsville, Montgomery, and the Tuscaloosa markets, as well as stations in Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Laurel, Memphis, Mobile, Pensacola, and Tupelo. iHeartMedia division president Shosh Abromovich says, “This is a very exciting announcement to bring these markets together; the alignment of these outstanding leaders, talent, teammates and communities are set up to truly flourish. Ronnie’s culture-first attitude, drive for success and high bar he sets for himself and his team will take this newly combined area to all new levels of achievement and opportunity.” Bloodworth comments, “Helping people identify their strengths, find their motivation and then achieve their goals is something I have enjoyed from day one. Helping our teams in Mobile, Pensacola, Memphis and Mississippi find their stride and excel is something I take pride in. We strive to be the best in the business and enjoy what we do and where we do it. I look forward to having the high-quality and high-performing teams across the state of Alabama join us as I move into this new role.”

Alpha Media Names Clay Church OM for Dayton and Canton. Radio programming pro Clay Church joins Alpha Media as operations manager for the company’s Dayton and Canton, Ohio clusters that include news/talk WHBC-AM Canton and sports talk WING-AM, Dayton, plus five music brands. Church was most recently director of content and operations at Townsquare Media’s Flint, Michigan operations. Alpha Media SVP/market manager Brett Beshore says, “After a lengthy, nationwide search, we found the best possible candidate to lead our successful teams in Dayton and Canton, and Clay brings all of Alpha’s core values to the market. He knows how to lead a team, build strong brands, and execute digital strategies to grow our ratings and revenue. We’re excited to welcome him aboard.” Church comments, “I’m very excited to take the next step in my career with Alpha Media and the incredible people in Dayton and Canton. The great stations in both markets are a direct reflection of the talent inside the buildings. I hope to add my skillset to the outstanding teams already in place.”

Good Karma’s ESPN Madison Inks Badger Keeanu Benton to NIL Partnership. Madison sports talk outlet WTLX-FM ESPN Madison announces it has agreed to a NIL (name-image-likeness) partnership with Wisconsin Badgers’ nose tackle Keeanu Benton for him to make weekly appearances on the “Rutledge and Hamilton” show each Wednesday at 2:30 pm. Good Karma Brands Madison market manager Tom Olson says, “Our ‘ESPN Madison’ team is thrilled to have Keeanu Benton join us this football season. This is our very first NIL agreement, and we’re excited for the opportunity to work with someone as accomplished and as charismatic as Keeanu. This will be an exclusive opportunity for our fans to hear weekly insights from Keenau and get to know him better as a person.”

Holland Cooke’s Inflation Hacks Now an Online Course at CECNA. The e-book Inflation Hacks: Save Those Benjamins by media consultant Holland Cooke has become an online course from the Washington-area-based nonprofit Consumer Education Council of North America. CECNA founder and chairman Jim Hood says, “Inflation is like climate change: It’s a big problem that everybody talks about although no one seems to have the solution. But broadcast personality Holland Cooke has researched it and come up with a list of everyday steps that consumers can use to trim hundreds of dollars from their monthly budgets. He’s assembled his thoughts in a CECNA Learning Center course called ‘Inflation Hacks: Save Those Benjamins.’ The title refers, of course, to Benjamin Franklin, whose image adorns the $100 bill and who once cautioned, ‘Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.’” The CECNA offers the course here.

TALKERS News Notes. Sales and advertising pro Scott McRoberts is named Midwest sales director for home improvement media brand Today’s Homeowner Media. In this role, McRoberts will be responsible for growing the brand’s presence in the Midwest while creating innovative solutions for the company’s partners. Company president Danny Lipford says, “I am thrilled to have Scott join the team. We provide our partners with custom advertising solutions to meet their goals and connect them with our highly qualified audience of homeowners. Our partners will benefit from Scott’s experience providing innovative solutions and his collaborative style.”…..Progressive talk host Stephanie Miller announces that her “Sexy Liberal Save Democracy Tour” has three events scheduled for this fall. The comedy tour that includes John Fugelsang, Hal Sparks and Frangela will stop in Washington, DC on September 10 at Sidney Harman Hall with special guest Glenn Kirschner; in Chicago on September 24 at Harris Theater with special guests Jill Wine Banks and Rep. Jan Schakowsky; and in Los Angeles on October 22 at Saban Theater with special guests Rep. Adam Schiff and Rob Reiner…..iHeartMedia announces the debut of a new iHeartRadio original podcast titled, “Unbreakable with Jay Glazer: A Mental Health Podcast.” This project is an extension of his widely acclaimed, best-selling book Unbreakable in which the FOX NFL Insider shares his personal mental health journey with the audience, including the tools and techniques he’s developed to “live in the gray” – his term for living and thriving with anxiety, depression and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder…..iHeartMedia Chicago’s radio stations, including WMFN-AM “BIN: Black Information Netwotrk” announces the 10 winners of the “Brilliantly Black Business Awards” in partnership with the Chicago Urban League. The “Brilliantly Black Business Awards” ceremony will be held on Thursday, September 8 at 2:30 pm at the iHeartMedia Chicago Studios. The project was launched in 2020 to support local Black-owned businesses, restaurants and non-profits. Since its inception, iHeartMedia Chicago has showcased nearly 1,300 Black-owned businesses through digital, on-air features and the “Brilliantly Black” podcast. The 10 winners have been selected to receive $100,000 of in-kind media on iHeartMedia Chicago radio stations and a small business development cohort from the Chicago Urban League. iHeartMedia Chicago president Matt Scarano states, “iHeartMedia Chicago created the first-of-its-kind ‘Brilliantly Black’ community resource initiative. We are proud to expand the initiative and award 10 local Black-owned businesses a combined total of $1 million in marketing and advertising to further promote their products and services, while elevating economic growth for their businesses.  The Chicago Urban League shares our mission and stepped up to provide small business master-level education training for the award winners as well.”

The FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago, DOJ Documents Probe and Trump Legal Troubles Combine as Top News/Talk Story This Week. The aftermath of the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago, the Department of Justice’s investigation into top secret documents, and Trump’s legal troubles combined as the most-talked-about story on news/talk radio for the week of August 29 – September 2 and landing atop the Talkers TenTM. At #2 this week was a tie between partisan politics, the midterm elections, and Sarah Palin’s special election loss, followed by the state of the U.S. economy at #3. The Talkers TenTM is a weekly chart of the top stories and people discussed on news/talk radio during the week and is the result of ongoing research from TALKERS magazine. It is published every Friday at See this week’s complete chart here.


Pending Business: It’s a Matter of Trust

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Disclaimer: For the purposes of this column, please understand there is no hidden political agenda.

The headline for the January 16 article in The Wall Street Journal said it all. Paraphrasing here, “Trusted Local Voices Are Deployed….on Radio.”

The article describes the efforts of doctors and health officials located in rural areas to get the word out on getting the public to participate in the local covid vaccines initiative.