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XDS Service for GCN-Syndicated Shows to End November 1

Talk radio programs syndicated by Burnsville, Minnesota-based Genesis Communications Networks learned this week that XDS satellite delivery service to affiliate stations will not be provided after November 1, 2023. As a full-service radio syndicator, GCN provides affiliate sales, commercial sales,im and satellite delivery of programming. It contracts for that XDS satellite delivery from Westwood One. GCN CEO Ted Anderson tells TALKERS, “We’ve been working with Westwood One for almost 30 years and it appears that we are at an impasse with them contractually going forward. It has been a very positive and productive relationship, but it is time to move on. C-Band is a legacy technology that developed in the earlier days of talk radio but it is no longer a fundamental choice. We intend to provide our hosts and clients with modern, real-time audio with less delays than C-Band.”