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White Sox Pitcher Threatens Audacy’s “670 The Score”

In a story being reported by numerous sources, including by FOX News here, Chicago White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger – who is being investigated by Major League Baseball after allegations of domestic abuse – is threatening legal action against Audacy’s sports talk WSCR, Chicago “670 The Score” after his accuserGraphics - Logo appeared on the “Parkins & Spiegel” show. Olivia Finestead is the mother of Clevinger’s 10-month-old who went on the radio show to discuss the allegations against Clevinger, a move he called “really trashy of them. That was some lowlife material right there.” He was also quoted saying, “My lawyers are paying attention. My lawyers are getting in contact with them, and they probably already sent a cease-and-desist for defamation. So [they] just got themselves involved in this, too, so good for them.”


Monday Memo: NAB, Long Time No See

By Holland Cooke


LAS VEGAS — As we did for CES here in January, we were asked to submit vaccination details to an app to earn a QR entry code. Once inside, there are still some masks, and – after three years – lots of hugs. The National Association of Broadcasters wanted to mash-up what had been separate autumn Radio Shows and perennial April NAB Shows this past October…until the Omicron kibosh.



Today’s David Grapples Goliath with Problem/Solution

By Mike Kinosian
TALKERS magazine
Managing Editor


TAMPA — When we profiled WRVA, Richmond’s Jeff Katz in this space last week (TALKERS, Wednesday, 3/9), the afternoon drive talent echoed one particular concern shared by many of his peers regarding talk radio’s future.

Specifically questioned was the depth of news/talk radio’s farm system and the source of the format’s next wave of great on-air personalities.

One budding star though might very well be developing in Central Florida: That’s where David Gornoski has been paying his dues as a podcaster and station talent, using “A Neighbor’s Choice” as his program’s unique umbrella title.