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Former Trump Supporters Issue Cease-and-Desist to FOX News

The legal team representing the former Arizona couple Ray and Robyn Epps sent a cease-and-desist letter to FOX News and FOX News Channel personality Tucker Carlson, demanding they “stop making up lies about Ray Epps and that they offer an on-air retraction.” Ray Epps (a now former supporter of Donald Trump) was at the Capitol on January 6 has been a focal point of Carlson’s January 6 show content in which Carlson has labeled Epps an undercover federal agent and a provocateur of the riots. Epps’ attorney Michael Teter says, “For years, Tucker Carlson and FOX News have targeted Ray Epps with malicious lies about his involvement in the events of January 6th. FOX News has chosen to promote fantasy over fact, exposing Ray and Robyn Epps to harassment, intimidation, and abuse. It is clear that Mr. Carlson and FOX News are uninterested in speaking the truth to their viewers… Recent revelations from the Dominion Voting lawsuit make clear that FOX News has zero qualms about lying to its viewers. The fictional story that Mr. Carlson and FOX News have told, and continue to tell, about Ray Epps is just one more example of this. It is time for Mr. Carlson and Fox News to stop the lies and to make amends.” The Epps are demanding “that Mr. Carlson and FOX News retract the claim that Mr. Epps was working for the FBI or any governmental entity when he attended the January 6th events and the claim that Mr. Epps acted as an instigator or provocateur of the insurrection. We expect that you will give the same airtime in retracting these falsehoods as you spent amplifying them. Further, Mr. Carlson and FOX News must issue a formal on-air apology for the lies you have spread about Mr. Epps.” The Epps’ are also providing notice of potential litigation regarding what they call FOX’s “defamatory conduct.”