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Study Explores Listener Rituals and Audio Listening

A study conducted by MAGNA’s Media Trials unit and Audacy looks at the connection between listeners’ daily rituals and their audio listening. The study found that advertisers who aligned with listeners’ rituals saw a greater lift in brand excitement (+10%) and brand relevance (+8%). The study is titled, “Aligning with Rituals: The Contextual Foundation of Audio, and notes that consumers experience greater “feelings of connection” with brands that synchronize with their audio rituals, by +12%, compared to +3% for non-aligned ads. A ranking of typical listening rituals featured in a previous Audacy study, “Audio Rituals,” was topped by running general errands (85%) and doing home maintenance (84%). Consumer engagement levels, though, were most heightened during “me-time” moments (73%), putting my child to bed (70%) and exercising outdoors (68%). Audacy’s “Audio Rituals” study also determined that 74% of listeners incorporated audio into their daily rituals and 40% planned their day/activities around audio content. Audacy head of research and insights Idil Cakim says, “Audio advertisers can amplify the effectiveness of their buys through ritual moments. Study participants agreed that the stronger the match between advertisement and content, the better the outcome for key performance indicators like brand favorability and purchase intent.” Seventy-eight percent of participants agreed that strong content/ad matches mattered in brand favorability and 80% for purchase intent. See the complete study results here.