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Monday Memo: We Have a Winner

By Holland Cooke

imTHE Best Bit I’ve Heard This Month was by Gene Valicenti, morning host, WPRO-AM/WEAN-FM, Providence.

Among advertisers he endorses: Pinnacle Discount Center, where TV prices are SO low ya wonder if the merch’ is hot. It was a hole-in-the-wall before Gene tripled its business… not a tough sell when every customer gets to “Spin the Wheel!” on the way out for even-deeper discounts or a FREE bonus TV.

“You’ve got an uncle in the TV business,” Gene says, and “Uncle Bill” gives him TVs to award listeners who chime-in on topic du jour each morning.


As Amazon Prime Days began, Gene spontaneously texted Uncle Bill – not a set-up, I’m told – challenging him to beat Amazon deals. ONE MINUTE later, Uncle Bill replied: “Yes! 15% less for any same-model TV Amazon is offering.” Even if nobody took him up on the offer, the gesture slam-dunks this retailer’s category ownership.

Even if you aren’t making a station advertiser a hero: How can YOU localize The Big Story?

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