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Monday Memo: I’m Sorry, You Are…?

By Holland Cooke

imHas this happened to you? Moments after you have met someone, you forget his or her name? OOPS.

How to avoid this faux pas? Even a robot knows! I asked ChatGPT:

— Pay attention: When you are introduced to someone, make a conscious effort to pay attention to their name. Focus on the pronunciation and any unique aspects of their name.

— Repeat the name: After hearing the person’s name, repeat it back to them. This not only helps you reinforce the name in your memory but also confirms that you heard it correctly.

— Use association techniques: Associate the person’s name with something familiar or memorable. It could be a visual image, a rhyme, or a word that sounds similar. For example, if you meet someone named Mark, imagine them leaving a mark on something or wearing a specific item that reminds you of their name.



— Create mental connections: Connect the person’s name with something you already know or someone you know who has the same name. This association can help trigger your memory when you see the person again.

— Use name repetition: In the course of the conversation, try to use the person’s name naturally in your interactions. This repetition can reinforce the memory of their name in your mind.

— Visualize the name: Visualize the person’s name written out in your mind or imagine it spelled out in a particular font or color. This mental image can help solidify the memory.

— Practice active listening: Engage in active listening by asking questions and using the person’s name in conversation. Actively engaging with the person helps create stronger connections in your memory.

— Review and reinforce: After the initial introduction, take a moment to review the person’s name in your mind. If possible, use it when saying goodbye or when addressing them in subsequent interactions. The more you reinforce the name, the better chance you have of remembering it.

Excerpted from the E-book “Even a Robot Knows How to Sell Radio Advertising,” a free download at

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